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    Brake fluid level

    I hear ya and felt the same way before my no-brakes incident, which lead me to have a new found respect for having the ability to stop. There are lots of technical articles out there that explains various DOT fluids. Towards the end of fluids’ life the brakes will get soft/spongy/weak/non...
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    Brake fluid level

    That's not a good sign but not the end. I had a car with leaky brakes -once. Topped off and ignored it b/c it was a very slow leak then one day, unbeknownst to me, it leaked more than usual and emptied the reservoir resulting in NO brakes -scary as hell... thankfully it was a manual and I...
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    Bilstein B4 and OE strut bearing

    Installed new Bilstein B4s. Awesome ride, definitely stiffer not just b/c they are new compared to tired old struts. Couple of devil in the details for future reference, which Im surprise no one has mentioned before -The design of the OE strut base is superior to B4s. The OE base has a...
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    Front Suspension Re-Fresh Parts

    Too bad I just missed this. I could have used the whole package. What do you have left?
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    Change PCV Valve and Breather Hose

    Had nice weather the last few days so I decided to tackle the PCV once and for all. I've seen the Mazda 3 PCV youtube videos but didn't like them b/c they all try to take short cuts, which leads to more effort and a much harder and longer job than necessary. Decided to just take the intake...
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    Sport, Touring or Grand Touring, how to tell

    How did you negotiate price without knowing the trim?? For 2008, see page 3. Not sure if such a document exist for 2009 models b/c 2008 is the mid-cycle refresh (major update).
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    Any member looking to have a Sporty or Stance Mazda 5?

    Looking to clear my garage and wanted to see if anyone here is looking to setup their Mazda 5 for sporty driving or stance - the YS DPS allows the lowest drop of all coilovers available for the Mazda5. Mazdaspeed 3 FSB with OE bracket Mazdaspeed 3 RSB with OE bracket and Prothane...
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    MPG increase

    I've been getting unusually low MPG the last few fill ups, avg. 15MPG city. I don't recall it being this low but shrugged it off. Replaced the fuel injectors a short while back with reman. ones (also rough idle) to see if it might kill two birds with one stone - not really any different. Then...
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    Autoease TL105 Power Lifegate (w/ optional foot detect) for Mazda 5

    Since the first day that I got into the Mazda 5, I wonder when will aftermarket offer Power liftgate and Power sliding doors (I know kits are avail for handicap owners). Finally found a kit for power liftgate with optional foot activation module. What's even cooler is that it is PnP into...
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    $40 Amp+LOC Install to OEM Radio

    Keeping the trend of cheap is good... adding mo'powa to the wimpy OEM radio for $40. This was done Oct/Nov. Not sure if anyone here added an AMP to the OEM radio but I had some lessons learned that I hope will help others.. The amp is 6 years new (now discontinued, it was $30-35) ;) and the...
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    $35 Backup Camera and Mirror Install

    I have older versions of these sitting around for +2 years. Figure I make use of them to help with resale of car. I must say, I should have done this a long time ago... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XNM7GNS/?tag=m20b7-20 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1S4CYW/?tag=m20b7-20 Camera on hatch...
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    For Sale: Mazda 5 OEM Roof Rack

    Thanks for looking.
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    Is My Throttle Body Buzzing Lounder and Longer?

    The throttle body performs a full sweep, once the car is shut-off, to calibrate/align itself for the next start. Maybe its just me (I never paid mind to it) but it sounds like the buzzing servo is quite loud and long..? I have no idea what it was like before b/c I never paid attention to it...
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    Flex Innovation Grounding Kit (5 cables)

    Flex Innovation 5 wire grounding kit for Mazda 3/5/MS3. Installed for 1 year (15K miles) before removing; good as new. Quality wires in a nice jacket - $25 shipped. http://www.flex-innovations.com/mz3gk.htm Installation how-to can be found above.
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    Idle Issue

    Been having idle (vibration) issues for a while now. Only occurs when the car in Drive/Reverse (drivetrain engaged). RPM is not erratic and the car otherwise idles fine in Park/Neutral and drives/accelerates fine. I suspect either air or fuel issues but there’s no check engine light...
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    H&R Owners Feedback Wanted

    H&R Owners Feedback Wanted Hoping those running on H&R can give some feedback. Im considering toning it down (it is a hard decision b/c I really like my current setup but now have to factor in passenger comfort). A) Are you using 1st gen or 2nd gen H&R springs? Is the -1.4 front and -1.3...
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    New 5 Owner

    Nice collection of past cars. Must be a heck of a reality check to now end up with a Mazda 5... I like the Smurf most (I'm bias). M5 looks great in any color. Mz5 looks best in white ;)
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    Spark Plug Recommendations

    Time for plugs. The OM (dated) has two plugs identified (LFG1 118110 and L3Y2 18110). It looks like the LFG1 is defunked. The updated 0000-18-L3Y2 equals NGK ILTR5A-13G. I cannot find any tech info on OE plugs on NGKs site but this could be bc they are branded Mazda. The closes match seems...
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    PCV or Vaccum leak

    I’ve had this random and somewhat phantom shake/rattle at idle (only when in gear) a short while back. I assumed it may be due to my stiffer eFocus RMM but the randomness (b/c it doesn’t shake/rattle all of the time) leads me to believe otherwise. It hasn’t really bother me much b/c the car...
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    Hubs and bearings

    Planning to do front bearings and figure may as well put in new pair of hubs (b/c rust and runout). Main driver is new bearings b/c I want to reduce road noise. Anyone here replaced their hubs and/or bearings? What parts did you use and whats your experience? Part number would be great...