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  1. o.g.sk8er

    How to: Install Sparco Steering wheel on Protege 5's, MSP's, ES

    This applies to all Sparco, Nardi, Momo, etc 6 bolt steering wheels. *disclaimer* This can be a very dangerous procedure if not careful. Im assume no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur while doing the modification. This is merely the way I did it and would like to share my...
  2. o.g.sk8er

    2002 Protege 5 ECU (5 speed)

    anyone have an interest in one of these? I had purchased an MP3 ecu from kartboy years ago. forgot I still had a P5 ecu with about 60k miles on it. *mods* will post pics tonight. edit for pics and price price: $140 obo shipped thanks!
  3. o.g.sk8er

    "How to": Slot BC Coilovers on Protege5/MP3/MSP/ES

    I've had a few people request me to create a simple "how to" thread on slotting coilovers. This will give you the added camber you need. Whether it be for better cornering, or to fit some crazy offset wheel, this mod may help you out. I would like to thank Adam aka Protege03ak46 for the killer...
  4. o.g.sk8er

    What kind of plane is this?

    Anyone know what kind of plane this is?
  5. o.g.sk8er

    Rear subframe help...

    Hi all! Does any have a how to on the remove/install of a rear subframe on a P-5? I didnt want to start a whole new thread for this. I asked for help in another thread and had no response. (maybe no one saw it so hence this thread.) hehe Yes I did search, and saw nothing. Maybe I'm not...
  6. o.g.sk8er

    Timing Belt pulley Noise (Help!)

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so if a mod needs to move it, please do. :) Recently, I had my timing belt and water pump replaced by a very well know and reputable shop. Since then, the timing belt pulley bearing make this hideous diesel like sound. I brought it back to them 3 times. They...
  7. o.g.sk8er

    5160 Lables?

    I'am having a hell of a time here. I have been trying to print lables from a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. I can get it to print with only one name and address, but I have over 200 different name and addresses to print. I have a label print program, but it will be down for a few days, and I must...
  8. o.g.sk8er

    Mazda Master Tech Competition and Show!

    Look here... http://www.moccforums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4289&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  9. o.g.sk8er

    These ground wires any good?

    Yes, I searched, and found nothing regarding Crossover's ground kit. (wink) So, does anyone have any experience with these kits? They look ok, but I want to hear from someone, if any, who has these. Thanks! http://www.*************.com/mazdaspeed3.htm
  10. o.g.sk8er

    Video Request

    My girlfriend wants to see the video "99 red Balloons." I think the band is 7 Seconds, not sure. I have looked all over and I can't find it.(poke) Any help would be great! Thanks.
  11. o.g.sk8er

    GT SPEC 4 point rear linkage! w/pics!

    Installed the GT SPEC 4 point rear linkage this weekend. Also installed the GT SPEC front strut bar, as well. I would like to thank Black protege 5, and his friend Rich, for coming out to help with the install. Without he and his friend, it would have taken all day for me to figure it out. lol...
  12. o.g.sk8er

    Dick in a truck..(kind of NSFW)

  13. o.g.sk8er

    Best Tatoo EVAR! (NSFW)

    Thought Id' share. Best Tattoo. (hah)
  14. o.g.sk8er

    Mp3 Ecu Help

    So, I insatlled the MP3 ECU this weekend, (thanks alan) and on my way home yesterday, the check engine light comes on.:'( So I head over to Ammco to get the code checked out. They said it was, "Insufficient o2 Sensor Cell Bank number 1." What the hell does that mean? lol I know that Bank 1 is...
  15. o.g.sk8er

    alignment ?'s

    Hi all, I had my alignment done, and the car doesn't feel right. Tends to wonder around quite a bit. Any insight on these specs would be great! I cant make any sense of this...lol Thanks in advance Specs: FRONT~ INITIAL SPEC FINAL MIN-MAX CASTER LEFT: 1.8 0.9--2.8...
  16. o.g.sk8er

    Spec clutch problems..

    Has anyone had any problems with Spec clutches? I have had one in for about 2000 miles and something is very wrong. At first the clutch seemed o.k. Then everyday, a little less grabbing, alot more smell. Like a metallic sulpher smell, and no it's not the exhaust. I definetly know the difference...
  17. o.g.sk8er

    Martha Stewart's new magazine

  18. o.g.sk8er

    Something to think about...

    Since an Eagle typically represents America, Saddam should read up on his Muslim passages.... The following verse is from the Koran, (the Islamic Bilbe) Koran (9:11)----- "For it is written that a son a Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the eagle would be felt throughout the...
  19. o.g.sk8er

    Bleeding brakes...

    Hey all. Can't quite remember when bleeding brakes, do you start at the farthest brake from the master cylinder? Or is it the one nearest to the master cylinder? Thank you.
  20. o.g.sk8er

    Here's lookin' at you, kid!

    I've got my eye on you...:D http://www.sunbelt-software.com/stu/eye.htm