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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Dashcam installation

    dm1ke, thank for the tutorial. Let us know the longevity of the dash cam. I got one cheap also but it eventually broke down after a few months. thanks for the share.
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    Anyone know about 2018 Illuminated Door Sills for CX-9

    Hello all, On the mazda website, they are now offering for the 2018 CX-9 illuminated door stills as a factory option. Does anyone know about this? Part # TK78-V1-370 Googled this and did not find any manual or anything. Need to know: is this wired? or battery powered? Does anyone have...
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    Any info on this 2018 cx3 with napa leather - see video

    Hello all I came across this video of a 2018 cx3 filmed in Norway - watch the video to its entirety as it is a great video. https://youtu.be/9Z6Y_dzN0Zc It has nappa leather similar to the cx9 signature and new wheels and what looks to be the mazdaspeed bodykit. Being in US, i find no...
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    CX-3 Facelift Inquiry

    Hi all, In the market for a cx-3 and was wondering if anybody had any info on the CX-3 refresh and when it is happening. I googled and didn't see any information on it...just some speculation. Thanks.
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    Napa leather care on the signature model

    Hi signature owners, How do you care for your napa leather? I would like to preserve it and prevent it from drying out. I used Meguiars leather care (link below) and noticed that it turns the seats a little darker shade. Not sure if this is good or bad. If you can share and provide your...
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    2016 Cx-9 Ambient Lighting option question

    Hello everyone, I just purchased the signature model 2016 and i had the ambient lighting installed on my car (part # TK52-V7-050). If you have this installed can you provided feedback? The light turns on when I open the door and when the lights light goes away after I shut the door. Is this...