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    MSP Production Numbers (continued)

    USERNAME: Josephlj945 STATE CAR RESIDES: Idaho Year 2003 or 2003.5: 2003.5 PRODUCTION NUMBER: 1887 COLOR: Silver YEAR BOUGHT: 2019 YEAR SOLD (if you sold it): Not going to ever sell it. Lol BEST PIC YOU HAVE OF YOUR CAR (not needed if you don't have one):
  2. J

    New owner of nearly mint 03.5 MSP looking for advice

    Hi all, Two days ago a bought a very nice MSP 2003.5. It's silver, and it only has 133k miles on it. It is 100% stock. The guy I bought it from said he was the second owner, and only owned it for a year. He bought it frrom the original owner a year ago, and he had the carfax to back that up. It...