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    I 3D printed a thing

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    Pope Engineering MSP Manifolds on sale this month!

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    SpeedCircuit black Friday Sale!

    Got a few holiday sales for ya'll: Pope Engineering Turbo Manifolds! https://www.speedcircuit.net/index.php/pope-engineering-performance-pep-mazdaspeed-protege-turbo-manifold.html SC Thermostat outlet kit...
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    When did Mazda update the G15M-R?

    Anyone know when Mazda moved to the revised 5MT with the shortened shafts? I know they shortened at least one of the transmission shafts and changed the 5th gear area, i just can't recall if it was in 2002, 2002.5, or 2003. Anyone?
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    Pope Engineering Performance (PEP) Oil Pan Baffle for Mazda Protege

    We are now selling Oil Pan Baffles for the FS powered Proteges! PEP Oil pan baffles are all Aluminum, bolted assemblies using a high quality trap door and carefully located surfaces to direct oil to the pickup. Please take note that the stock baffle must be removed to create space for...
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    SpeedCircuit now selling PEP MSP Manifolds and Downpipes!

    Greetings! I'm proud to announce that from this point forward, SpeedCircuit will be the sole source of Pope Engineering Performance (PEP) products for the Mazdaspeed Protege! Both the turbo manifolds and downpipes are going into production. To celebrate this occasion, we are offering a...
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    J&S Safeguard

    $499 + Shipping OBO. This module can save your motor! It comes with everything you need. If the car starts knocking, it will retard timing to save you. Hard to find. Brand new, never used. http://www.jandssafeguard.com/
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    SpeedCircuit Black Friday Sale!

    SpeedCircuit Fuel Cut Defenser (FCD - Formerly JoeP FCD) Regular Price: $79.99 Special Price $64.99 https://www.speedcircuit.net/index.php/sc-fuel-cut-defenser-fcd.html SpeedCircuit Thermostat Outlet kit - Protege Regular Price: $139.99 Special Price $119.99...
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    SpeedCircuit Samerential PREORDER GROUP BUY!

    Are you finally making the power you want but are unable to put it down to the ground effectively? Tired of wasting time and effort spinning your wheels? Frustrated with breaking your differential? Then SpeedCircuit is developing the solution for you - The SpeedCircuit Samerential. Made from...
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    Cyber Monday Sale

    Ends Dec 1! SpeedCircuit Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2015 Sale!
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    1st eva spring cleaning/mod day at the new shop!

    Where's the lift? :)
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    SpeedCircuit Black Friday Sale starts TODAY!

    We have a few items for sale for Black Friday for our Mazda Protege family! First up is our FMIC. This was designed for our turbo kit. It will fit on any protege, but you will have to plumb the piping to it...
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    Mazda of the Month | VOTE NOW for October!

    I vote for Antoine's car. :-P
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    SALE! SpeedCircuit Thermostat Outlet kit

    Tired of your lower coolant hose and thermostat outlet always getting in the way of your hopes for a nice big downpipe or intercooler piping? Finally, we have your solution. Regular Price...
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    WTB: MSP or Driveshaftshop axles for Protege

    I'm looking for a set of either Mazdaspeed Protege 24mm axles OR a set of Driveshaftshop axles. These are different from the standard Protege axles, which are 22mm. PN for the OEM axles are: GA33-25-50XA GD49-25-60XA
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    From LX to MSP- my build.

    Can't wait to see a truly tucked protege!
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    Turbonetics Super 60 T3 Turbo

    Turbonetics super 60 t3 for sale. 2000 miles old, great condition. Cost $1200 new. $700 obo. Mods - please leave this thread open. I don't have a signed pic here since I'm a vendor and it's not required for vendors. Thank you.
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    Samsung Epic + extras

    Samsung epic plus extras, $130 obo Includes three extra batteries (some of which are extended batteries), a standalone battery charger, the phone itself, original box and manuals. No issues with the phone, everything is in good condition. Also, the phone is rooted with CWM.