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    2012 Skyactiv (5dr MT) suffered suspension damage in collision -- time to upgrade

    I have 4 related questions that I'd love your input on: 1. Any suggestions as to what suspension parts I should replace due to damage described in the second post below, given that a Mazda dealer, 2 mechanics, and 2 bodyshops are uncertain? 2. Any suggestions as to how to use this as an...
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    Pre-purchase inspection checklist for a used MazdaSpeed Protege

    What would you recommend I have a mechanic do as part of a pre-purchase inspection of a used MazdaSpeed Protege? I'm ready to buy my first used MazdaSpeed Protege. I've found one that seems to be in very good condition, with under 60Kmiles, for $7500, at a local used car dealer. What often...
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    suspension differences between models

    I'm shopping for a used Protege. I'd like to know what the suspension differences are between the different more common models, namely DX, LX, LX 2.0, ES, and Protege5. I'm one of those few who highly value excellent fuel efficiency and excellent handling. I'd like the excellent handling of...