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    Rear brake lights on.

    Hello my rear brake lights are on when i have my headlights on. They are just stuck on so ppl behind me must think im always on brakes. When i drive without the headlights turned on, then the rear brake lights work like normal. I checked fuses, the seem to be good. I pulled the plug from the...
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    Fuel Cut?

    Hey my car just started experiencing fuel cut today. I have a ssafc, fmic, catback exhaust, wideband and boost gauge, and boosting 8-9 psi. It never did this before and today I decided to make a few changes to my ssafc map; I leaned out some values in the table because I am running rich about...
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    Alignment for lowered protege5

    Hey, so I just got new tires and want to get an alignment to extend the life of my tires. My old tires had uneven wear. When i bought the car it was already lowered, but I never thought it was very low because I don't scrape anywhere. Anyways I went to the shop today and they said they...
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    2003 protege5 5sp ecu

    ECU for sale from my 2003 mazda protege5 manual transmission. $100 shipped.
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    No power when in boost

    Hello I have a turbo protege5. It is just a t25 setup with a msp ecu. Turbo is from a Saab and internally gated at 5psi. It has catback exhaust, fmic, greddy bov, boost gauge, and manual boost controller set at 7 psi. The car will build boost pressure quickly and hold but it'll feel like its...