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    Pauter Rods & Custom wiseco high compression pistons (all new)

    Both are brand new: Pauter Rods - 800 +ship/fees Custom high compression pistons from Wiseco - 500 + ship/fees If you wanna text me, you can do so. I'll be a lot quicker to reply. 360-609-2811
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    Aftermarket rods on pistons. What rods do I need to make this work?

    I'm literally in the middle of rebuilding my block, yes the conventional thinking is to just go forged pistons too since im in there, build for the future blah blah blah. I get that, but im on a budget and im not going for high power anyways (about 250whp) since the trans cant handle much more...
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    WTB: Msp front bumper (west coast)

    Looking for a front bumper for my MSP, idc what color it is or condition of the paint as ill be repainting it, just want it to be 100% structurally intact. Would also like the front lip from the 03.5, so that's a plus if it already has it.
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    Foged pistons; what are my options?

    So Im probably going to have to do a rebuild of my motor sadly. I mean its not that i dont want the reliability of being forged and not blowing it on more than 8-10 psi. But I just dont really have the money to go through with this sort of thing again.. I just forged my speed 3s motor a year and...
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    FSDE timing guide/video?

    I've been looking all over and I've found a couple "guides" on how to time the motor but they aren't very straight forward with little to no pics. Is there a solid guide/video I'm just not seeing or does it not exist?
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    Orange MSP needs: seat skins, and under the hood needs

    Drivers seat skin (orange stitching) front bumper lip off 03.5 (color doesn't matter, just no structure damage) AEM boost/wideband failsafe gauge Driver front floor mat oem, in really good shape steering wheel in really good shape
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    MSP turbo discussion

    So I bought my MSP and tore the turbo off and the pos welded downpipe etc. Long story, but the previous unknown amount of owners before me really did a number on this poor car. I am going to restore it back to it's glory with proper parts and tuning etc. But I pulled off a SAAB 9-3 turbo which...
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    WTB: MSP orange stitching seat covers/skins

    Mainly need the driver seat, but id like a full set in new/like new condition if possible. LMK what ya got and how much. Needs to be orange stitching
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    Exhaust mani replacement?

    So with the oem exhaust mani being a pos that cracks all the time, is there a good replacement that's still like oem that wont crack or crack my bank account? Everything I see is like 500+ dollars!
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    Just picked up my first Msp, searching for answers for my goals.

    So I've had/owned an MS3 since 2008, currently have one that I've built from near stock to dropping in a built motor I built with all bolt ons and all that jazz. But I've always wanted an orange MSP as a second car. As of sunday, I am now an owner of such Orange MSP. With that being said, the...
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    pricing for potential buyer

    So I've been looking lately to buy a MSP, just curious as to what a good price is for these cars and what to really look at if I locate one? I'm here on the west coast, and what I see average asking prices is +/- $5000 for a msp with 100-150k miles on it. I know the motors are sort of glass...
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    Selling: 08 sport mazdaspeed3 seats and more Excellent condition

    Sold - please delete post
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    Las Vegas - oil weight to use?

    I think I posted about this a few years ago. But I've since read other information about what weight of oil to use. Last I posted, people told me to use 10w40 in the summer months here in vegas, and back to 5w30 the rest of the year. But I had reas 5w30 covers up to about 120F? Should I use the...
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    short shifter question

    So I'm looking at getting the TWM short shifter for my ms3. And I don't really know which one to buy... They have a few options such as the FULL assembly and what appears to be just the short shifter amongst a couple other options. My question is, is it worth the exra 250 bucks for the full...
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    Importance of fuel monitoring after mods?

    So I just got a CAI and a TIP put on my MS3, but from what I have been reading it sounds like after you do even a couple mods like this, you have to buy somthing like a Cobb Accessport to change the ecu a bit or it could damage the motor? Is this correct, or is JUST a CAI and TIP not enough to...
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    please delete

    Edit: please delete, im just a retard
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    MS CAI install video needed!

    So i began working on installing my mazdaspeed cold air intake. First time doing this sort of thing, and the directions are pretty vauge with few pictures. I have been digging on the internet for some sort of video on how to install this thing with every step. But all i can find are 2 min vidoes...
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    Just another BOV question/clarification...

    I've dug and read older BOV threads. But all I seem to get is mixed feelings and pro's/cons. Like the con of the car needing that back pressure because it's designed to have it, and if you install a BOV, you're loseing that pressure and causeing problems. But then I read about a hybrid? I'm...
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    Intake confirmation..

    So I'm about ready to pick up a CIA for my 08 ms3... I've done the research with different brands and how they may not be the same diamater of stock, and or not perfercted for the air turblance. SO, I was suggested to purchase Mazdas CIA as its the same diamater and I can only assume is designed...
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    Bose sub question

    I have an 08 MS3 sport non navi. And i'm starting to piece together items for a sound system upgrade. I discouvered that the Bose option for them comes with a sub that is under the passenger seat. If I buy one, will it fit under my non bose car? I'm assumeing it will, but I wanna make sure...