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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Don't Expect A New Mazda Model In The Next 2 Years from Mazda Won’t Launch Any New Models Until 2023 When It Gets Next-Gen Platform from With no launches in next 2 years, Mazda rides rough road from Nikkei And from that last article: Skyactiv-X has yet to deliver on...
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    The clear winner

    2020 Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V vs Mazda CX-5 // Crossover Fight Throttle House
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    Lease Ending for My 2017 CX5 GT

    My dealer called over the weekend and left a voicemail saying that he had several buyers looking for a 17GT, and wouldn't I like to talk to them about a trade. Could be BS, but sounds right. Needless to say, I didn't.
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    Computer records

    Protect yourself. Get a dash cam.
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    Wiper Blades

    Think we got it bad? Check out Subaru: With The Wrong Wiper Blades Or Tires New Subaru Outback EyeSight Could Fail
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    2017~2020 Intermittent wipers revisited

    For those of you who, like me, turned off the intermittent wipers because they sucked... try them again. I turned mine back on a few weeks ago just to see how they were doing, and they now work quite well. Tested over several rainy drives. No idea what has changed except the passage of time...
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    New CX5 Owner - Questions

    It has been reported here [once] that the car will resume automatically if the stop is less than 5 [or 3?] seconds. It requires throttle input or a push on the resume button if the duration is longer than that. See if that corresponds to your experience and please report back.
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    SkyActiv-X may not reach US shores

    Based upon previous performance, there is no hope guessing what Mazda will do in the future. "We'll see."
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    Possible Maintence Schedule Changes

    Should depend somewhat on whether you live in a dry or damp climate. I went 8 years on one car without changing the fluid with no ill effects.
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    GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?

    Right. Looks far better than the headlight DRLs. You can run parking lights daytime and switch to AUTO at night. If you set the auto lights shutdown to 30 sec (default?) and disable the "lights on alarm" (both in settings), you can leave stalk with the parking lights on when you turn the car...
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    GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?

    Does anyone know if the headlights swivel when they are functioning only as DRLs?
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    GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?

    No, the accent LEDs are turned off when the DRLs are disabled. The only way to get them is to run with parking lights or headlights on, unfortunately.
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    GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?

    The other "trick" is that you have to start the switch routine within 2 seconds of putting your foot on the brake. If you hesitate at that point, it will fail.
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    GT-R 2019 - Can't drive with only parking lights on?

    I'm curious why you decided to turn them back on. Was there a downside?
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    2017~2020 Trunk opening randomly

    I believe the fob is just a transmitter, not also a receiver.
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    2017~2020 Trunk opening randomly

    Many unlicensed wireless devices use the same frequencies as these key fobs. A stray signal or interference could be the explanation for some of these random activations.
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    Warming up the engine on cold starts

    I've posted this before, but for your edification, here is the blue light on a 17 GT
  18. IMG_20190729_145115437.jpg


    low coolant temp light 2017 GT
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    What Did You Do for Your CX-5 Today?

    Check out quartz heaters. They're safe and much warmer than equivalent electric heaters.