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    Radar cruise control - slow down and lurch ahead

    When following another car in stop and go slow moving traffic, I've seen that my CX5 sometimes slows down after the car, but suddenly lurches as if someone cancelled cruise control or hit gas, and then a second later applies brakes again. I am not sure if it is sensing my lightly placed foot on...
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    Hoot/Whistle sound in high speed/high winds

    Driving on the I-5 (both directions) past weekend, near Tejon Pass in LA, I heard sharp and loud whistle/hoot sound coming from the left A pillar. This only happened in short bursts. My speed was 70-75 mph and high winds outside, the sound was primarily coming on during curves and lane changes...
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    Oil change schedule - fixed vs flexible?

    Today my infotainment spontaneously restarted, resetting most settings including maintenance schedule. In trying to reset, I wonder if people here use flexible or fixed schedule? I am currently at 6300 miles and 4 months of ownership, set it up for flexible maintenance and it shows maintenance...
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    Spontaneous infotainment restart and settings reset

    Hi all, Long gone are the days of freezing and crashing infotainment... but today I had a spontaneous restart while driving. This isn't the first time this happened, but this is the first time all my settings were reset. This was frustrating since it reset my maintenance schedule, phone and...
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    Hello Mazda! - US News Best Car Brand 2019

    Mazda is the best car brand in the USA for the fifth year in a row - Days after scoring high on reliability rankings from Consumer Reports, the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda will take home the title of Best Car Brand...
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    2020 Mazda 6 is here, no diesel, no AWD

    Looks like Mazda doesn't care about the 6 any more. Looks like we don't care enough for it :/
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    Disable inbuilt navigation prompts

    When playing music, and using inbuilt nav, the music cuts off from left speaker and nav guidance starts speaking. This is great for those who need it. I dont like voice nav prompts and want to disable it. I could turn down the nav guidance volume, but that mutes my android assistant speak-back...