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    Poll: Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    I have always wanted a Miata. I will have one someday. It's not super practical here unless I have somewhere to put it away in the winter. The CX-5 was sort of a compromise between the truck I gave up and the Miata I wanted. I love my CX-5 though.
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    $300 for plugs - really??

    My 2013 (May 2012) CX-5 is at 110,000km and plugs are due at 120. The dealer said $300 (Canada) to change them. Is it really that big a deal? I know the plugs are a little spendy, but that still seems like a lot in labour. How long does it really take? I no longer have a built in mechanic...
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    Cargo Liner?

    Hi I'm looking for a soft cargo liner like the ones they make for the CX3 and CX5. Has anyone found anything good for their 2? thx
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    Minus sizing winter tires

    How do you all feel about minus sizing? Tire Rack 'recommends' a 16" package for my CX-5. Good idea?? Definitely a little cheaper. thanks!