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    Gas Door Freezes Shut

    I think you need to move. :)
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    Hitch vibration issues

    Yeah...this is the main concern. A lot of people complain about the exhaust touching the hitch with a lot of models. It appears it’s not a problem with the cx-5. Over the next couple of years, we will be adding a scamp trailer and whaly boat/trailer to our fleet. We can tow both in our crv but...
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    Hitch vibration issues

    I’m looking at curt and draw-tite. Leaning towards draw-title at the moment.
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    Hitch vibration issues

    anyone noticed excessive vibration after a hitch install? This happened with my 2013 cr-v. Trying to avoid it.
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    I actually liked the color. I still think the extras were worth the price difference. Clearly, majority of cx-5 owners do not agree though. But that also makes me feel exclusive like the Honda Crosstour owners. ;)
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    Ahh. That makes sense. I did notice GTR seems to be a lot more popular. @dougal, I’m in Northern California. Several salesmen told me Signatures are not moving as well as other trims. I checked local inventories for about a month before focusing on the Signature and all the dealers had several...
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    Interesting point. I do notice that there are some signs of lack of refinement for the one we have. Ticking sounds when idling (fuel pump). Ticking sound when adjusting the temperature. Easy staining of the leather. Lines of the car are more susceptible to door dings. Favorites getting wiped...
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    The local dealers had a lot of sigs in their inventories. I asked about it and most of them admitted they were having trouble selling them. We looked at the rdx and glc300 and it was a no brainer to go with the Cx-5 sig. I thought the rdx advanced was the better car but not $15k better. The...
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    Turbo Worth 37% Increase In $$$ - Lease Question

    Depends on what you want out of a car. The turbo is fun and practical when we’re driving on the mountain passes. I was so frustrated driving up to tahoe in our 2014 crv. Mileage is significantly less but I love the drivability of the vehicle. If you like driving, I think it’s worth it. If you’re...
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    What is wrong with CX-5 Signature?

    We bought a 2019 Signature and love it. I did a lot of research and thought it was the best deal going. Weird thing is that I haven’t seen another signature on the road. I feel like I’m missing something here. Kinda wanted to hear other Mazda owner’s perspective on this. I thought the signature...
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    Toyo A36 in snow

    Looks like we *re in for a snowy winter in CA. I*ve been reading some reviews and I*m a bit concerned about the stock Toyo A36. Anyone have feedback on their snow/cold performance? I checked reviews here and not much specific about their snow/cold performance.
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    2017~2020 Frequent staining Signature interior

    I keep seeing whitish looking stains all over the seat and leather parts of the door panel. I suspect they're hand lotion stains from the Mrs. To my surprise, it took some effort to scrub them out using Chemical Guys leather cleaner/conditioner. I scrubbed so hard that the dye started rubbing...
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    2017~2020 Fitting chains/cable chains for 2019 cx-5 signature

    I*ve been researching chains and I can*t find anything that definitively fits well. Anyone have chains for for 225/55r19 that fits well? It seems confusing.