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    Current selling price for CX-5?

    I was at my MAZDA dealer this morning and noticed that the dealer was adding ~ $1,100 to the price for dealer prep and a list of nonsense to the price. Florida is noted for having the highest dealer prep fees in the nation at ~ $750 but, this dealer tops that by ~ $250. O'Brian MAZDA in Fort...
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    Keyless System Malfunction and unable to start

    Brake pedal switch or transmission switch could be the problem. Try moving the shift lever around and hit the brake pedal several times to see it that gets you going. Ed
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    Ravenol ZF Transmission fluid

    Does the container say what ATs it can be used in? If not, sell it on eBay etc and purchase the FZ from MAZDA.
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    2017 CX5 maintenance question

    Agreed, but, you will get laughed at if you just go to the dealer with a hand full of the TSBs for your vehicle and expect them to do all of them. Just saying. Ed
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    2017 CX5 maintenance question

    The TSBs are not recall type issues. IF you are having a problem and there is a TSB for it, then the Dealer with fix/update to correct the issue. Ed
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    Transmission not disengaging

    Glad the dealer stepped up and fixed it. Some shops play dumb about TSBs. Ed
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    Insurance Ripoffs

    ~ $1,350 per year. No tickets or accidents for >12 years. One car and one driver. Ed
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    Sorry, but I couldn't pull the trigger (sad-ish)

    I purchased a chair pad at Walmarts that sits wetween the bolsters. That make the seat about 3 inches wider. That helped considerably. Now if I could make the bottom cusion about 3 inches longer I'd be happy. I think MAZDA needs to address the seat issue by checking Volvo and other manufactures...
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    Surging/bucking at 51k

    I wonder if you got a bad batch of gas. You mentioned fouled spark plugs which is unusual at such low mileage. Was it oil or water or something you put in the gas that fouled the plugs?
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    Oil change drama

    MAZDA states 5,000 for severe service and lists what they consider severe. Ed
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    CX-5 Concepts at Osaka Automesse

    OMG Did I see a light colored interior rather than black in picture #2 down with a light blue exterior? Ed
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    2014 CX-5 98,700 miles Now Whines

    In 2015 there was a TSB that indicated some transmissions that had a high pitched whine was a transmission bearing caused by a bearing carrier off center or something. It was covered under warranty at that time. I suspect that may be your problem. To dismantle a modern AT on the bench is time...
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    CX-5 New (OEM) Tires Question

    Drive to a Michelin dealer and buy what you want. I have heard that tire dealers will buy your new, take offs at a fair price. I have read that your " High end" Micheline tires have dry rot issuess with some modelsl and low end TOYOs don't. Ed
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    Mazda CX5 2013 Touring not start

    WOW you replaced the expensive stuff first. I'm thinking the Neutral switch, the start button or the break sw-ops you replaced the break switch. Ed
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    '19 Signature shudder just after stopping from highway speeds

    I believe it is the torque converter unlocking. Every CX5 I've driven has done this at some time. It is rpm related and happens after a FULL warm up when the rpm drops to ~ 600. JMO. Ed
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    2019 CX-5 signature first oil change - conventional or synthetic?

    I guess you need to watch them put in the correct oil. I suspect no damage unless you pulled a trailer or WOT frequently. I would escalate this up to the dealer top manager and not just the service writer. This would make me mad. Ed
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    ‘19 cx5...when to service transmission?

    I haven't seen any UOAs on CX5 AT but, that would be interesting for sure. Ed
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    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    My 2014 is running like new but, interested in a new turbo version IF it gets better front seats, an 8 spd AT to improve fuel mileage and I don't want or need the AWD. Maybe I can get it all in 2022, I hope. Ed
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    How many miles before you replaced your original tires?

    ~ 25,000mi on the Yokohamas on the 225 17. Ed