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    Radiator Leak/Replacement at 103,000 Miles?

    Approximately 7 years and 100k miles is average radiator life. I’m sorry that due to location the job is expensive. If you’re up to taking on the job (tools, space and some confidence) a new quality radiator is not expensive. And only guessing but doubt there are special tools required- just...
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    Lease Ending for My 2017 CX5 GT

    FWIW a local dealer is quite interested in getting my 2018. Primarily as a trade for a new Mazda, but also claiming there is demand for used CX-5s. The CD feature or scourge is totally over hyped here.
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    Radar Cruise Control

    Don't be so sensitive to the technology rants. You posted in such a way that it implied you were relying on radar cruise control and the stop and go feature to brake for you - to a complete stop. You're nuts. ;) Kidding - but only a bit. Seriously, it sounds like the car in front did not come to...
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    Wiper Blades not made for a 2018 CX5?

    Thanks for the post. It got me thinking: Is this a case that we search in vain for aftermarket options when the dealer OEM parts are a good price or only marginally more expensive? You need to be aware that their are people who say the OEM wiper blades (beam style on 2017 - newer CX-5) do not...
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    ABS pump replacement

    Do some diag tools give the option of a pressure brake bleed using the abs pump and controller? That would be cool - one more good reason for investing in a bi-directional scam tool.
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    Maintenance mode

    Not sure what it is you want to do. Emergency parking brake maintenance mode just gets the motor out of the way so you can compress the caliper piston to make space for new pads and rotor.
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    225-55-r19 to 235-55-r19

    Love it. Now that’s enough different from OEM size you might see and feel the difference. I’m guessing that a 255 mm wide tire might recommend a minimum 7.5” wide rim. But it looks good and if no rubbing that’s a nice recommendation.
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    Oil change drama

    I guess I'm a sucker for the algorithm and for the reason that I believe that even standard oil is good for 5K. Do you think driving in a dusty environment has any impact on oil life? My thought: You just may need to change the air filter more often.
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    2013 mazda cx-5 engine issues

    Just some thoughts: Vacuum leaks are usually worse when the engine is cold. Your symptoms seem to be there under idle when warm so primary fuel delivery (pump) seems unlikely. A bad or failing pump would be evident right at cold startup - usually evident by extended cranking. And a bad pump...
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    2013 mazda cx-5 engine issues

    ugh - please don't now change the spark plugs nothing points to ignition. The lean condition and high fuel trims (eventually a lean code) point to fuel or air problem which is then causing misfire. I'm sorry to be a critical armchair mechanic but only a couple of the repairs attempted make...
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    One Wheel Refuses to Bleed During Brake Bleed

    I agree with concept: with fluid in the reservoir a bad MC piston seal can't magically introduce air. Check the fitting on the primary port or the tubing you've attached to bench bleed. It sounds like you are on track to now replace the master cylinder - but that part and all the others you...
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    Mazda CX5 2013 Touring not start

    Why did you replace all those parts? Start at the beginning: When you push the start button what happens? Specifically does the engine crank?
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    One Wheel Refuses to Bleed During Brake Bleed

    ... unless there is air in the master cylinder. It is hard to know where to start to help here. Even if the master is bad every wheel cylinder / caliper should have been able to gravity bleed. Until you removed the brake lines from the master there is no way to get air into it - not unless it is...
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    225-55-r19 to 235-55-r19

    Its great that you have a clear priority: Comfort above all. Because the other concerns (mpg and acceleration) with the slightly larger tire are not going to be noticeable. Theoretically, yes, a bigger tire will have negative impact - but doubt you'd be able to measure because the difference in...
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    Winter/Snow tires

    kdaug has an excellent recommendation to search out other Mazda wheels. The CX-7 wheels are ideal - an exact dimensional match for the 17" wheel. Look on Craigslist and at car-part dot com for salvage yards near you with these. I've seen decent ones at salvage yards for ~$50-60 each. However...
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    Replace your coolant: CX-5 CX-3 Mazda3 Mazda6

    Agree. If you DIY it's not as easy to recover without the flush machine - and to get the water to coolant mix correct without an option for adding a concentrated version. But, 4-5 drain and refill cycles will get you there even if you only have the pre-diluted coolant.
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    Replace your coolant: CX-5 CX-3 Mazda3 Mazda6

    Fantastic to see Peak Asian green. I'm sure over time others will follow - but it is clear that the automakers and the aftermarket coolant makers don't trust the DIY market to use de-ionized or distilled water for mixing. Ravenol and Motorcraft are the only sources (not even Mazda) to offer a...
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    Replace your coolant: CX-5 CX-3 Mazda3 Mazda6

    Reluctantly I agree that Mazda Long Life Coolant concentrate (501E) and the Pentosin A2 are first generation phosphate HOAT formulas that do not have the exact FL22 additive package. But, these first generation Japanese P-HOAT coolants contain all the same main ingredients and are silicate free...
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    Anyone try 235/55/19 general altimax RT43

    I think I agree if you mean by compound that sidewall stiffness and rubber compound to get the V versus H speed rating makes a difference in how you perceive and your satisfaction with a tire. Relatively stiffer sidewalls could be expected as speed rating increases. The tire itself would have to...
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    Anyone try 235/55/19 general altimax RT43

    Independent of the V versus H speed rating - the 235-55-19 is a perfectly acceptable tire size for your OEM wheels and the CX-5. FWIW there are no warranty or insurance complications with using a H rated tire.