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    Relocate Drivers Seat

    They sell kits for racing seats that will mount universally. I think no more than 4" will not cause any safety issues...IF DONE PROPERLY. Just drilling and tapping a new hole in floor sheet metal is not going to be safe. You might need a bracket or a nut welded in. Has anyone pulled up the...
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    Sliding Door Lock Actuator Replacement

    Locksmith guerrilla advertising for the win!
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    P0139 Car Suddenly Dies

    No idea. I try to use only OEM parts.
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    P0139 Car Suddenly Dies Above looks like a good page to read. Basically, test the O2 sensor first. If it passes, it's possibly a leaky/bad injector. That code appears to be indicative of too much fuel in...
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    2011 Mazda5 - Check Engine light, AT light, AND TSC/DSC light

    You are correct on the lights. Many cars will switch off the traction control and other systems related to the failed part. The error codes are all that really matter. Why cars don't actually display the code AND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION is a rant for another day. I specifically snagged a manual...
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    2012 Mazda5 with Hard Shifting (4th ->3rd)

    I agree, on checking the motor/transmission mounts. Based on the description of the symptoms, I'm not feeling that it's anything engine related. Transmission or mechanical.
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    Fuel pressure regulator

    Is there one? I thought most cars just have a fuel pump that puts out a set pressure. It's up to the injectors to regulate the gas into the engine. I'm thinking you need to replace the pump.
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    Mazda 5

    Does the hesitation stop being evident after 75mph? It doesn't do it at all in lower speeds but similar RPMs? I would assume it's not a transmission issue since the transmission should be in top gear at that point and isn't going to shift. I am almost guessing that it might be a fuel pump not...
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    Show me your roof box! I made one. Link is above. Not sure if it will clear a moonroof...but I'm sure it could be modded/shimmed to be higher if needed.
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    Off Topic Toyota recalling almost 700,000 cars. Bad fuel pump.

    I don't agree. Ford's water pump failure has nearly the same failure pattern that the fuel pumps do. Most of the time you do get an indication but in both it is rare but possible for an immediate failure. Fuel pump will cause rough running of the car or a non-start condition. Water pump will...
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    Off Topic Toyota recalling almost 700,000 cars. Bad fuel pump.

    Meh. Duratec failures have the same danger. Unfortunately, it's WAY more expensive to fix. Ford is fighting it and not taking the safety issue seriously. Toyota is. Kudos to Toyota. Shame on Ford. FYI, the Duratec Suit...
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    Inspect Your Water Pump Good read. I find it horrific that they went to plastic...but at least the impellers have gotten better to where they last. The full plastic water pumps just scream "throw this car away".
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    Neighbors 2019 CX-5 OEM security hacked. (maybe) Purse stolen

    What's funny is that as these cars age, the day will come where a vulnerability will be found and the manufacturer will tell you to buy a new car because they won't patch your iPhone app.
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    Off Topic Toyota recalling almost 700,000 cars. Bad fuel pump.

    Meh. Lot of worse things out there that don't get recalls. Ford, I'm looking at your Duratec.
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    2012 AT TC lights w/ hard bump, subsequent AT failure

    State tax is often due on Core Charges. You probably aren't due any money back.
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    Spare tire location and Storing Flat tire

    Ugh. This often destroys the rim. Many Tire Shops won't deal with a rim that has a Run Flat injected in. Don't do it. Better, is a cheapo battery powered air compressor. RARELY does a tire get a puncture so bad that adding some air to it won't get you to where you need to go to get fixed...
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    Spare tire location and Storing Flat tire

    Yes. This is common across nearly all cars. They also assume that the spare will only be used to go DIRECTLY from the place you have a flat to the repair shop. So you should only be awkwardly storing it in the car for 1 trip.
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    2005 Mazda 3 Wont shift into 1st gear, reverse is stubborn

    yeah, I would get under it and take the console out to find the source of this issue. I don't think the transmission itself is the problem. Or take it to the dealer/mechanic and have them diagnose it. It may need to be on a lift to figure it out if there is something related to suspension.
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    2005 Mazda 3 Wont shift into 1st gear, reverse is stubborn

    Did you check your transmission/engine mounts?
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    2005 Mazda 3 Wont shift into 1st gear, reverse is stubborn

    I would suspect transmission linkage issue. But the "bang" seems to be a really bad sign.