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    and why would you do that? most people want to do the other way around...I don't like a new vehicle anymore with halogens
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    New guy here... Very interested in the CX-30

    Currently have a CX3 but found the ride too firm for my liking and after almost a year am gonna get rid of the looking at CX30 and upcoming Seltos (likely next week). Deciding by next week and gonna come down to between the 30 and Seltos! If I still find both rides to be too firm I...
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    Cx9 known turbo issues?

    Not that I am aware of but as an example on the longevity and reliability of Mazda engines and the new DPT, last month I was at my local dealership getting my CX9 serviced, the sales rep I talked to said their service dept recently serviced a beat up 2016 CX9 with over 160K kms on it...mechanics...
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    New guy here... Very interested in the CX-30

    am also considering the CX30 as I find our CX3 just a tad too small and the ride is just too firm, bumpy and jarring for my liking. If only the plastic cladding wasn’t too significant! Oh, and also looking at the upcoming Kia Seltos...taller and roomier than the CX30...
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    Sad day, but it protected me well!

    yes totally agree having a dashcam helps validate the claim! Talking abt dash cams this week I know someone who got hit in the front fender driver side and the other driver claiming it was not his fault! If only the person I know had a dash am then it would refute other driver’s
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    Any higher mileage 2nd Gen CX-9's out there?

    Not my vehicle but was at my local Mazda dealership for an oil change last month and the service guy told me that they were also servicing another CX-9 (2016 MY) that was just beaten down in terms of use with high mileage (over 160K kms) and since they were curious so the mechanic took apart the...
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    CX-3 wire harness

    Give it some time..maybe the new wiring harness has fixed the issue and going forward. For most part the Cx3 has been known to be a reliable vehicle
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    Calling on 2017 CX-5 Owners - Reliability

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Seems like for most part mechanically reliable...yes only way to determine how it was looked after is to review the service history.
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    Calling on 2017 CX-5 Owners - Reliability

    Looking at a used 2017 CX5 GT trim with 45K kms/29K miles on it...can existing owners just chime in on so far how the reliability experience has been in almost 3 yrs of ownership. I know Mazda as a brand is reliable (having owned one) however would appreciate any real world feedback/experience...
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    Help...Warning Lights On

    I would take that back to the dealership as it is still under warranty...sounds like issues on the electronics or ECM
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    Is Mazda's upcoming CX-30 on your shopping list?

    I have a CX3 and compared the interior space...the CX30 is only larger by 3cm in the rear legroom! Yes ext length is longer by 5” and wheelbase longer with slightly larger cargo area but at end of the day what matters will be the space inside which most people complained abt on the CX3 so not...
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    Tires! Any advice on new tires for my CX-9?

    I replaced the Falken OEMs 2 yrs ago with Nokian WRG3 SUV tires coz I needed tires that were winter rated yet you can run and use all year round. So far happy with them and they performed better than the Falkens esp during the winter months!
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    Confused about IIHS Headlight rating for CX-9

    That’s why in some vehicles like Lexus, Audi, Volvo and other premium brands they have built in headlight washers that activate when you use the windshield washer! Unfortunately Mazda doesn’t have that...That’s one feature I liked when I had the Volvo!
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    Car and Driver 10 Best 2020

    I agree with you on this...status still matter to some folks. I have experienced owning a prem/luxe vehicle in the past and what I can tell you is that after some time the novelty, prestige and status “wears out” and the vehicle just becomes, well just another vehicle! Then it really starts to...
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    Text messages not appearing on Mazda Connect infotainment

    I had an Iphone 7 previously and every time I got text messages on phone it would appear (notification and able to read out or display) on the Mazda connect infotainment system...I recently paired a new IPhone XR and now the text messages do not appear. Tried playing around with settings both...
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    2016-2017 CX9 Brake servicing

    Just wondering any 2016/2017 CX9 owners if youve done or brake servicing was required. My 2017 Sig is 2 yrs old now but have never done the annual brake service that dealership recommends. Reason is my mileage is low (only 12K miles) and last fall the tire service center inspected the brake...
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    A nice token/gift from Mazda after taking delivery of new CX9

    For new owners of the 2016/2017 CX9 just curious if Mazda sent you a nice token/gift after taking delivery of your new vehicle. Mazda Cda sent me a personalized keychain Tile with "Mazda" logo on it that's pretty useful in case you misplace your keys/keyfob. The Tile cost is inexpensive but it...
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    Notice any leaking from moonroof

    I've noticed on two occasions already that whenever I go thru an automatic carwash whenever the spray is on top directly on the moonroof seam (where it opens/closes/tilt) that tiny droplets of water seem to occur. It seems that the weather stripping or the enclosure is not that tight enough and...
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    New CX 9 delivery - strong rubbery smell in cabin (not the leather) while driving

    Recently picked up my brand new CX9 and since its extremely cold outside I can't drive with the windows open. Noticed a strong rubber like smell inside cabin and initially thought it was the undercoating that was done to the car but according to the salesperson all new vehicles have a coating...
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    Is change oil necessary/recommended after break-in period?

    Any suggestions/advise if necessary or recommended to change the oil after new vehicle's break-in period of 1000KMs? It doesn't state any such maintenance in the owner's manual of the new CX9 just some basic tips of no hard acceleration, no hard braking, not to travel for ext period of time at...