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  1. kalel1073

    Anyone have a cx-7 with 200k miles?

    123k miles in a 2.3 turbo; 2009 Sport needs the following: Power steering pump (bad leak) Fuel pump I'm also way behind on the oil change AND spark plugs but it's still peppy regardless and turns on just fine every time.
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    Anyone Tried This or Something Like It???
  3. kalel1073

    Radio receivers

    I've seen this on Amazon and am considering it myself:
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    That's REALLY all I was looking for; thanks for your help and the link!!
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    Wow, 30 views and not ONE reply??
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    Anyone here ever try installing fog lights (OEM or aftermarket) on their CX-7 on a model that didn't originally have them? It's something I'm considering but not sure if it's worth the effort. If you have, please post pics.
  7. kalel1073

    Leather seats conversion

    That looks amazing; great job!!
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    Will most any shift knobs from other automatic Mazdas fit the CX-7? I know the CX-9 will but just want to be sure.
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    So as SOON as I turn on my CX-7 it starts this whining noise that SOUNDS like the power steering going or like the car is in reverse but it's constant so not JUST when turning the wheel or backing up. Already checked power steering fluid and it's clean and full; no leakage but I already knew...
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    I'm looking to replace the non-bose factory stereo with one I found on eBay that's just an upgraded factory replacement with GPS and other features. I have two questions I'm HOPING someone will help with: 1)Where to mount the GPS antenna? Can it go on the dash or does it HAVE to be mounted to...
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    Non hid thread

    Ok, I'm very pleased with the output my lights provide but decided I would like to swap out the stock bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar bulbs for that true white glow. My question is do the front wheels HAVE to come off for the bulbs to be replaced? That's what it says in the manual but wonder if...
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    Rough Rider

    I've had my CX7 for about a month now and love it but wonder if the ride is supposed to be SO rough. It's got low mileage and brand new tires but I swear, I feel EVERYTHING on the road. Is this normal?
  13. kalel1073

    Chrome dipped stock wheels

    I haven't had enough posts to be able to submit a link yet but I saw these on eBay and can't afford them for myself but maybe someone here can give them a good home. Just go on eBay and search for item number 200933095093.
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    I have an 09 Cx7 and would like to replace the chrome Mazda badge in the back with one that reads, MAZDASPEED. Anyone else try this and is it relatively easy to get the stock badge off without causing damage to paint?