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  1. Anchorman

    New Forum

    Sorry if it’s already been said but the new forum seems to work quite nicely. It’s faster than the previous (although it did crash like the old one did when I first opened it - maybe my iPad?). I like the “like” facility and the easy access emojis. The old problem I had with apostrophes being...
  2. Anchorman

    Phone Holder for KF model.

    One of the guys on the UK Facebook forum has come up with this and rates it highly. It certainly looks the part...
  3. Anchorman

    GT diesel and Turbo gasoline front brakes

    Had the pads out yesterday while fitting the winter wheels. It appears that the front brake on the high powered model is a carry over from the CX7 with twin pistons. Here is a comparison of the pads with the single piston version left and the twin piston version right. Here you can see the...
  4. Anchorman


    Some PDF*s. I suppose the most significant breakthrough is the use of ALL LEDs for all other than base models including the indicators as these will migrate to other models and facelifts.
  5. Anchorman

    Some new pdfs on the 2019 model.....

    Some new pdfs on the 2019 model..... You might find these interesting. There are too many to post. Note the bigger front brakes on the Signature.
  6. Anchorman

    2017 on - floppy seat cover fix.

    For anyone whose got the stretched floppy seat cover, there is now a global TSB where owners can get a new cover fitted. The cover has a membrane attached that keeps it tight.
  7. Anchorman

    Sorting a couple of dash rattles - 2018 model.

    I had a couple of rattles which curiously, I never had with my red 2017 model. Ive sorted them now with a bit of input from RRG Stockport who have been superb about sorting defects since I changed over from Toyota to Mazda. Anyway, thats another subject so first, the rattle from the centre...
  8. Anchorman

    A pillar trim removal

    I keep getting asked how to get the A pillar trim of so I did a little video.......
  9. Anchorman

    Ceratec brake grease.

    I’ve often said that I detest copper based grease on brakes but I thought I’d share this. If you mount alloy wheels onto steel hubs, they will corrode to the point of needing to knock them off. Two years ago I removed the wheels from a mates RAV4 Hybrid to underbody seal it. It was literally...
  10. Anchorman

    Quite a nice parts and price catalogue
  11. Anchorman

    2017 speaker change - WARNING

    Somebody asked me how to get at the speakers on a KF 2017 on model. Ill attach the instructions on how to get at them but I thought its worth mentioning the following to anyone contemplating a speaker change. The speaker fits into a large plastic module which is moulded and shaped to house...
  12. Anchorman

    Look what Ive got.....

    Look what Ive got..... Im in the USA for a while and was pleasantly surprised to see Alamo with 2018s in stock. It gives me chance to compare yours with mine (if youll pardon the expression). Im suitably impressed with it although this one with 10000 miles has not been loved. The low oil light...
  13. Anchorman

    New feature - 360 view.

    I see 360 view is now added to the available options. I wonder which markets will get it offered? Unless the mods can give us a bit more capacity for uploads, I cant show you the pdf.
  14. Anchorman

    Pizza wheels no more

    Just been to see my refurbished pizza wheels which have been refinished in a smoked silver. Very impressed with the results - will show you photos when I collect them on Monday.
  15. Anchorman

    PDF instructions for fitting roof cross bars needed.

    Can anybody help? This is for the roof rack KD45-V4-701A
  16. Anchorman

    Advertising banners dropping down on this forum

    This forum has started dropping banners down with links to National Enquirer type garbage. Its a typical attempt to increase revenue but its no good to me and I find it infuriating. If there is no way to stop it, I wont be visiting the forum. Is there a way to stop it happening?
  17. Anchorman

    2.2D Photos.

    As more and more questions start to pop up about the forthcoming diesel engined KF (2017 on) model, I thought you might like a look under the hood. With the cover on it looks very much like the 2.5G. .....and on the inside, the box is the same conventional six speed auto but note the absence...
  18. Anchorman

    I broke my 2017 last night.........

    It clocked four digits on the odo- 1000 miles. Zero defects so far!
  19. Anchorman

    The talent of Soul Red Crystal.......

  20. Anchorman

    New motor........

    The old CX-5 is no more, thanks to thieves but now Im in CX-3s big brother. Im led to believe that photbucket will block photos without a subscription so when these photos and all the tutorials disappear, Im afraid were screwed! Soul Red Crystal;