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    Any way to prevent rear view camera from getting wet ?

    You are correct that sedans have the same turbulence at the back of the trunk where the camera normally is, but the turbulence area is smaller because distance between the top of the trunk and the bottom of the car is shorter than on SUVs and minivans. For that reason it is very likely that the...
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    CX-9 tachometer HUD

    The tach was removed by mazda during a software update. You can't re-enable it after. If you still have it and you liked it and you don't have any issues with your infotainment software, don't update because you might lose it. for cruise control, my 2018 also has the regular cruise control...
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    Any way to prevent rear view camera from getting wet ?

    Well most of these are sedans or coupe, except the GLK. Mercedes as been using backup cameras that roll to hide themselves when not in use to not get dirty ( not sure if it was on the GLK though. ) BMW may have followed suit. I just wanna make sure we compare apple to apple. No arguments about...
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    Any way to prevent rear view camera from getting wet ?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone experienced an SUV which didn’t have this issue? ( with the exception of VW with their hidden pop up camera). The reason it gets dirty is because of the aerodynamic backflow caused by the square back of the vehicle. The same reason all hatchbacks need a rear wiper...
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    2013 Overhead Entertainment System

    I have been using tablets with downloaded Netflix children movies. (iPad but it could be anything else, if its only for the car the kindle fire tablet at 99$ would be more affordable and I think would work perfectly fine
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    2016~2020 USB in Front Console

    I looked at it this morning and at the very bottom were the floor carpet meet the plastic it looks like you could easily wedge the cable behind the plastic. I would run all the way to the front in the footwell and come back up from there.
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    What did you do to your CX-9 today?

    How did Carplay2air ended up working, did it work well ? I was looking into it but on some car models reviews said they were having connection issue at vehicle start.
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    2016~2020 USB in Front Console

    I have been considering the same thing. It is on the bucket list but with a new baby it might take a long time before I do it. I don't know if anyone else has done this yet, but I am debating three options, depending on the level of effort and complexity. 1. Simplest option is to do what you...
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    Do Brake lights come on when Cruise Control slows car? having a hard time digging it up. It was motortrend instead of car and driver. The first link above mentions it briefly at the end but the...
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    Guide: How to remove the overhead console ambient light on 2016+ CX-9

    Good clarification. This guide is for those that want to keep ambient lighting on except for the overhead light. I like it everywhere else except for that overhead light which i found very distracting.
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    Check this thread: Its the best and easiest install for the cx-9 2nd gen. (if you plan to do it yourself). if you have questions you can ask on that thread too.
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    Help me identify this warning light!

    It does that on mine when i have ice covering the sensor. It looks like you may be in warmer climate. You may have a dirt or deadbug on the sensor or it may be a sensor malfunction.
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    2016~2020 2020 aftermarket remote start

    I can’t confirm if there was change for 2020 so can’t comment on that. As far as warranty, any dealer could try to use the remote starter as an excuse not to do warranty work, but with the fortin evo one unless you do the optional side marker install there are no permanent mods made to the...
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    Which engine does the 2012 2.0L non Skyactive have?

    In 2012 there was the option of either the skyactiv or the previous generation 2.0L that was availble from 2010 to 2012. I have a 2010 and i think the engine is the LF-VE, but i am not 100% sure.
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    '18 CX-9 and Fortin Remote Car Starter...Success!

    Got it, i tought you were waiting on the key to do the remote install, which you don’t need to because the fortin won’t sacrifice a key to work. I hope the dealer gets you your ride as soon as possible.
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    '18 CX-9 and Fortin Remote Car Starter...Success!

    Just curious, why are you waiting for a spare fob ?
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    Torque curves for 2.5L Mazda engines

    I tought this was the big “breakthrough” with this turbo engine. The fact that it didn’t need higher octane to produce the same high torque at low RPM. You are right with regards to detonation, but i think there are too many factors in play between different engines to apply a one rule fits...
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    2019 CX-9 Backup Camera Not working

    Try a reboot of the system first. Its a long shot but might work. If not then bring it to the dealer. To rebootyour system, you'll need to press the button combination back + nav + mute. This will reboot your system and can solve various problems like a finicky USB connection, spotty Bluetooth...
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    Torque curves for 2.5L Mazda engines

    Not exactly the same car but here is one I could find: Blue line is stock and red line is with K&N cold air intake on a mazda 6 2014. What are you looking to find with the comparison ?
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    Torque curves for 2.5L Mazda engines

    Not the best quality but you can see it at 10:56 of this video for the CX-9 2.5L turbo 2016 ( same engine as the cx-5). The CX-9 2020 torque has now been bumped up to 320 so the curve might have changed a bit for 2020 models.