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  1. Chocolate

    Mislabeled CX in Milwaukee

    This CX-5 is listed as a Sport AWD, but it is actually a Grand Touring AWD. 33K MSRP, asking price 22,494 with 6.6k miles, could be a good deal. Also listed on Autotrader.
  2. Chocolate

    Off Topic The Investment Thread

    Remember that thread back in August where we discussed Mazda stock? Somehow Tesla stock has more than doubled in the same time period. Crazy. Wouldn't have called that, no position. It is mildly entertaining to read the posts and rage on Twitter by those who got destroyed by shorting the stock...
  3. Chocolate

    2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings of CX-5 and a few competitors

    I recently re-subscribed to CR. Their rankings are not perfect, but they do have the biggest reliability survey and have a long history of good testing. Here's the CX-5 rankings and a few competitors I'd consider, most of them are a bit larger, but at a similar or slightly higher price point...
  4. Chocolate

    Do you take better care of your car than yourself?

    Honest question. Anonymous poll. I voted yes.
  5. Chocolate

    Rear Differential Oil Change

    Does anyone have a copy of the rear differential change procedure for the 2017+ CX-5? I believe the "Mazda Long Life HYPOID Gear Oil SG1" is the correct oil, and 1 quart should be sufficient. Are there any other parts I need? This is something that should be simple to do. There is one online...
  6. Chocolate

    CX-5 Facebook Group

    There is a very active CX-5 group on Facebook, another poster mentioned this a while back. You have to request to join, but save the link. Another source of information.
  7. Chocolate

    Next Gen CX-5 Design and Content Suggestions

    I hadn't seen this thread posted yet, so I thought I'd create it. The current CX-5 debuted in 2017, so the redesign has not been finalized yet. This is the busiest CX-5 forum on the internet, so I'd like to compile your suggestions. I'm going to send this to the leadership at MNAO and Mazda...
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    Message from the President

  9. Chocolate

    Visualization video of 2.5L turbo engine technology

    Found this interesting video by Mazda that explains some of the working principles of the 2.5T.
  10. Chocolate

    Free Stealth Hitch for 2017+ CX-9 Development (Georgia, USA)

    No affiliation. Saw this and thought I would pass it along. I have the factory hitch on my CX-5, but Stealth makes a good product. These run about $600. They are looking for a CX-9 to build the template, so the first person who...
  11. Chocolate

    Preview some elements of the future electric CX in Mazda's first EV, the MX-30 Realize that this is a first effort in the EV space, but it leaves me cold. Seems like more of a compliance car than anything else. As the CX-5 makes up over 40% of Mazda's sales in North America, an all electric...
  12. Chocolate

    Worst named Mazda dealer ever

    Nothing would make me feel better about buying a used car than buying it from Flood Mazda.
  13. Chocolate

    Reviewing service history online

    Most manufacturers let you create accounts online to review service history. Toyota has and, where you can add a VIN to your account and review any service history done at a dealer. Mazda USA has When I tried...
  14. Chocolate

    Has anyone here bought the diesel CX-5 yet?

    Just browsing the Mazda site and I see 2019 CX-5 diesels with a starting price of 41,000 MSRP. I think selling a 19 MY CX-5 for ~40k is a hard sell in October 2019. They probably should have waited until the 2020 model year at this point. Bring on the lease deals.
  15. Chocolate

    Where was your CX-5 produced?

    The CX-5 is produced at 4 plants currently: Hiroshima, Japan, Hofu, Japan, Kulim, Malaysia, and Nanjing, China. There are two different VIN decoders. Vote in the poll! 1. Good for showing build details: 2. Good for showing build plant location...
  16. Chocolate

    2017~2020 Touchscreen lockout override in 2017+ CX-5

    Anyone done this? It's a minor annoyance but I'd like to be able to use the touchscreen in addition to the center clickwheel. Here's the thread on how to do it on the 2013-2016.5 model.*not-a-hack*...
  17. Chocolate

    Car and Driver: Every 2019 Compact Crossover SUV Ranked from Worst to Best

    I enjoyed this article. Accurate insights on the different competition.
  18. Chocolate

    Anyone running 16" wheels?

    Just curious if anyone here is running 16" wheels. They are plentiful and cheap on Craigslist. Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia are the 3 biggest sources of OEM light 16" alloys that will fit. I like larger tires for lighter weight, more sidewall, and improved ride quality...
  19. Chocolate

    Must have CX-5 Tools and Items

    Every vehicle has certain tools or items that enhance the safety or usability. What are some of the tools or upgrades on your CX-5 that you like or appreciate the most? I've only had the vehicle for about a month, but I just ordered this pinch weld jack adapter for about 12 bucks for my floor...
  20. Chocolate

    CR-V vs Rav4 vs CX-5: Edmunds 2019 Compact SUV Comparison Test

    Neither the reliable but boring Rav or the oil-dilution 1.5L turbo CR-V appeal to me, but this is a pretty balanced comparison review of these loaded compact SUVs.