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    bwalt's build log - Turbo MSP with all the good stuff

    Hello. I'm back. Still having fun driving and modding my MSP! I have a lot of changes planned and will post up progress here. Highlights include fully built block and head, GT28RS turbo, Haltech ems, Mfactory gears + many, many supporting mods. It's gone 12.8 @ 112mph in the quarter mile and...
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    Haltech PS1000, J&S Safeguard

    J&S Sadeguard Interceptor Knock Control. Retards ignition timing when knock is detected. I used this with the haltech and it worked great. $350 USD Shipped Haltech PS1000 with wiring harness, painless fuse block, boost solenoid, coolant and intake temp sensors. Ran this setup on my MSP for...
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    2003.5 MSP Instrument Cluster

    03.5 Cluster with 18x,xxx KMS on the odometer. It is in good condition and functioning before removal. $120 USD shipped
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    Sway Bar Brackets

    I have some out of the box, un-used CR3 rear sway bar brackets with energy suspension bushings for sale. Bushings are 20mm. SOLD
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    Kartboy Short Shifter - Protege,P5,MSP,MP3

    I have a Kartboy short shifter for sale. Discontinued long ago, mileage is unknown and it works flawlessly. $100usd shipped
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    AAC/Wilwood Big Brake Kit

    This is the AAC/Wilwood big brake kit for the Protege/P5/MP3. It comes with 4-piston Wilwood calipers, Wilwood street pads, AAC custom brackets and rotor hats, Coleman rotors, and Goodridge stainless braided lines. I have about 30,000kms on this setup and it's way overkill for me. You'll notice...
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    Focus Adjustable Cam Gears

    These are stock 1.8/2.0L protege cam gears modified to be adjustable. They will allow one to set the cams for a desired power curve in the rpm range. I put about 14,000kms on them and had no issues, they work as intended and are in great condition. $100usd shipped
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    Focus Adjustable Cam Gears

    As the title states, in good condition. $100us shipped.
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    AWR Engine Mounts

    AWR Engine Mounts, front and rear. Durometer of the bushings is unknown but they should be replaced anyways. AWR sells replacements on their site. $15 to do each mount. $80US +shipping
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    WTB: Protege DG/Autoexe style grill

    As the title states, in good condition please..
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    Sparco Seats, 03.5 MSP Shift Knob and more

    All prices are USD. Shipping included. Sparco Seats with mounting brackets - sold 2003.5 MSP Shift Knob - sold MSP ECU Unflashed - $150 New MSP OEM Front Sway Bar Bushings - $30
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    HKS SSQ Blow off valve - No Longer Available

    HKS SSQ Blow off valve HKS SSQ blow off valve in perfect working order. Includes everything pictured. List Date: 4/20/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: HKS SSQ Blow off valve -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
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    WTB: MSP front seats

    Looking for drivers and passenger front seats from a 03.5 MSP
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    WTB | Focus Cam Gears

    Need some, what you got?
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    WTB: Stock Mazdaspeed Protege Sub Box & Mounting Brackets

    As the title states and I don't care if it's blown or not.
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    I was playing with my obd2 scanner yesterday and noticed my throttle position sensor reads 11% closed and 87% fully open. After adjusting I got it down to 3% closed and 79% fully open. The throttle plate visually opens from 0 -100% by hand and via the gas pedal. There are no codes either. This...
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    OEM Mazda 3 Shift Knob

    As the title states, in mint condition. $40 shipped
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    New BPV installed

    Had this Turbosmart plumb-back welded in yesterday. Glad the turk is gone but there's still a split second of comp surge when letting off the gas, then a nice quiet pssshhh.
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    FS: WeaponR Hardpipes, Silicone Couplers & T-Blot Clamps

    Puttin my weaponR hardpipes up for sale. Upgraded to t-bolt clamps because the ones provided with the kit sucked. The couplers could be better too, that's why I bought high quality re-inforced silicone.... never got around to putting them in though so they are brand new. The pipes have about...
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    SSAFC Aux input

    Need a little help... I have the SSAFC and an autometer wideband. To connect the gauge to the AFC for data logging, from my understanding, I would use one of the orange wires attached to the unit for the (+) connection on the gauge. For the gauges (-) wire, can I ground it anywhere, or does it...