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  1. mazdadude

    2002-2003 Protege 5 New Rear Brake Parts Swar Bar bushings NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

    YES! These are Still available! Here we have a complete Rear Brake setup for the 2002-2003 Protege5 $75 Shipped for All 4 of the new brake parts, which includes the PADS, ROTORS, and hardware kit for both sides. Includes 1 set of Wagner THERMO QUIET Ceramic Pads - New in box Part#...
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    Anybody else having this happen?

    Your car is not realizing you are in PARK, because your PARK switch is failing. Because of this failure, your car is going into ACC instead of OFF when you hit the START/STOP button, your car will now remain on, and your battery will drain. The car is beeping at you because you are walking...
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    Moving up from CX5?

    And I am jealous of the dogs!
  4. mazdadude

    Mazda CX5 2013 Touring not start

    Try pushing/pulling on the gear shifter while in PARK, while pushing the start button.
  5. mazdadude

    Oil change at 500 miles necessary?

    Unnecessary unless perhaps for some reason they have been sitting around for +6 months?
  6. mazdadude

    Purchase dealer vs service dealer

    I have talked about this with my friend who is a master technician. The only benefit he himself had noted was when there was a questionable warranty repair claim that the dealer might not get reimbursed for. If car was purchased at their repairing dealer, the customer would get the benefit of...
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    Oil change at 500 miles necessary?

    For the first 500 Miles Mazda recommends that you not race the vehicle or maintain a steady engine rpm for extended periods, or unnecessary hard braking.
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    2017~2020 Tail lights out on 2017 cx-5 gt

    Are you sure the headlights are turned on, and you are not just using the DRLs?
  9. mazdadude

    2020 Mazda CX-5 suspensión problem

    What is your tire pressure>?
  10. mazdadude

    CX-30 Towing Capacity and Hitch

    Nope just laws and lawyers.
  11. mazdadude

    2013~2016 Cx 5 2012

    Had you refueled the car before this happened?
  12. mazdadude

    CX-30 Towing Capacity and Hitch

    Maybe you can email them and volunteer to be a guinea pig if they allow you to return it if it doesn't fit
  13. mazdadude

    CX-30 Towing Capacity and Hitch

    Do they make one for the current Mazda3? That is the one that I would think might have the best chance of being cross-compatible with the CX-30?
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    Computer records

    I am sure there is a German word that describes that.
  15. mazdadude

    2013~2016 My Fog lights - just died

    I do not have any FOG LIGHT ICON on my 2016.5. Fog lights only work on LOW BEAM with headlights. Selecting HIGH BEAM turns off FOG LIGHTS.
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    Optimal cruising MPG

    Sorry, but I have not read or seen enough on it to form an opinion.
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    Optimal cruising MPG

    Mileage is improved because the engine running high octane and timing, uses less fuel to meet the same demand on power.
  18. mazdadude

    Optimal cruising MPG

    I too have also seen 5% better mpg results with 91octane vs 87 octane. 3 times I have done the experiment, Normal driving, ECO driving with no wringing out, and even tried wringing it out. The first fill of 91 octane after a tank of 87 gets a small result. The second fill of 91octane, on top...
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    Squealing brakes on 2019 GTR