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    Farewell to my Precious MSP!!

    The Spicy will be missed Jim. Farewell, farewell!
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    Spotted - Celestial Blue Mazda 3

    woo! congrats on the new mazda! this calls for... (cheerbanana)
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    sanblaster is engaged! She said yes!

    you poor bastard santos...i mean, wow! Congratulations! :D don't worry man, some of us are still defiantly waving the bachelor flag!! (guitar)
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    Bad day :(

    just saw this. That blows jim, I hope you teach that guy a long lesson if you ever find out who did it
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    Happy 3,500 mile day MS3!

    precisely (killit)
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    IL: No Front Plate Law?

    this will never pass - santos won't allow it to. he knows that if it DOES pass, he will have nothing to give me shit about :D
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    Cataphract_40's TR '08 Mazdaspeed3 - 'Airman Battle Wagon'

    Yeah, I pinned on 2d Lt on december 12th. right now I'm just hanging out, waiting for my training to start in mid-March. I'll be doing Air Battle Manager training - that's AFSC 13BX. currently i'm classified as a 92T2X - 'ABM trainee'. I often think I would really enjoy the job you do -...
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    New IL Moderator

    congrats solidtrance!! Well deserved!
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    My MSP is ALIVEEEE!!!

    YES I have, I may be the only person on this entire board who has, and I can back zuku up on this 150,000%, she is SMOKIN' no offense jim...but you better be glad I moved out...else I'd be up to no good(dance)(lick)(laugh) haha oh, also, glad to hear the SPICY isn't dead...YET! Frost on the...
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    Cataphract_40's TR '08 Mazdaspeed3 - 'Airman Battle Wagon'

    ***UPDATE*** New pics, 26 Dec 09 - Winter in Arizona!
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    IL Spotted Thread: "I SAW A MAZDA"

    oh yeah, the gray 3 hatchback? Yeah I noticed that
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    IL Spotted Thread: "I SAW A MAZDA"

    nooooo! just as I move out :(
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    jesus it's cold

    the best part about all this is that by sunday, i will be in a place where temps are currently hovering around 65 mauaahahaha
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    jesus it's cold

    positively balmy hahah
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    jesus it's cold

    4 degrees!? really?
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    2009 Chicago Bears - THE HORROR

    the horror...the horror...
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    cool man. In just under 3 weeks, I'll be moving from Chicago back to the phoenix area (fountain hills, specifically) for a few months. Maybe we'll see each other at a meet? What kind of mazda do you have? I have a 2008 Speed3.
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    Post pics of your cars!!! (show or go)!!

    indeed it is lonely. I'll be seeing it again over thanksgiving, though, so I'll soon have some new pics :)
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    Post pics of your cars!!! (show or go)!!

    Hey look, it's my car Ok, yes, these have already been posted elsewhere...whatever
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    *Mazda of the Month 2.0* VOTE NOW for November!

    what did you use to fill in the gap? like, what kind of material?