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    Royal Purple, Zepro or Castrol Edge?

    I have been putting Mazda Oil and then Zepro with moly into my CX-5 2015 since the beginning for 50k miles. Now I dont see Zepro with moly on Amazon and the regular Zepro price doubled. I barely put 7k miles a year. Should I switch to Castrol Edge or go with the hyped up Royal Purple. I dont...
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    Months before oil change?

    Hi...My car has been sitting most of the past year since I've been working from home. Changed my oil 14 months ago and have 3,000 miles on it. I used Mazda moly oil. The oil still looks like honey. Many of my drives are 10-20 minutes long. Should I dump the oil even though it looks good because...
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    Outer tread wear question

    This isn't about my cx-5 but I know this forum is full of smart people so I'll ask about my sister's Honda Fit. I noticed her outer part of tires are worn down. I'm assuming she hasn't been on top of adding in air over the years. The car has 35k miles but the outer part of the tire looks bald...
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    Squeak in back

    I get an occasional single squeak in the back of the car. What can this be? 2015 Touring. Thanks
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    where to buy Oil Filters for best price these days? Open to buying in small bulk.

    Mazda OEM filters that is. Any coupon codes? Thanks
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    Swap 17 inch Touring wheels for 19 or 20 inch?

    Swap 17 inch Touring wheels for 19 or 20 inch? What are the advantages and disadvantages. I have the 2015 Touring and since im about to change tired I'm thinking of making the car higher or better looking. ANy wheels you guys recommend?
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    Los Angeles dry roads tires for 2015 CX-5 Touring with stock wheels

    Hi All What tires do you recommend? I see everything is labeled as All Season. I mainly drive in dry weather. I'm still on the stock tires and my car isn't known for quietness. I'm looking at the PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 ALL SEASON PLUS since they have most positive reviews it seems but some...
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    Drain and Fill ATF once? or again during next Oil Change?

    Drain and Fill ATF once? or again during next Oil Change? I'm at 43k miles but want to do this right. I read guys on here are draining and filling again shortly after the 1st one but is this really necessary?
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    Ok to mix oil brands?

    Can I pour half Mazda moly and half castrol synthetic 0w-20 into the engine? Is it all the same thing at the end? What about pouring Mazda moly and then adding in castrol to top off when oil gets low? Manual says you can use castrol brand.
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    2015 CX-5 Head Unit with CarPlay?

    Hi All Any suggestions on a head unit that would have Carplay, steering wheel controlls and car autolock without remote control use like my stock setup. The head unit in the 2015 sucks. I know there are old posts about this but hopefully there are new units that fit and provice these 3...