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    Workshop Manuals for 2018 CX-5

    GOD BLESS YOU!!! I found the voltage for the seat that I needed!!
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    CX-5 electric seat pin out?

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    CX-5 electric seat pin out?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has the pin out for the colors for the electric controls on the CX-5 driver’s seat? I'm wanting to make a Franken Mazda conversion and I need those as well as voltage if possible. Thanks for assistance!
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    Mazda3 persistent shaking at 60mph...Help!

    Back tires were bald and needed to be replaced. Had been to three other shops trying to locate the problem, including about six trips to my local Mazda dealership.
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    Mazda3 persistent shaking at 60mph...Help!

    After replacing struts, axles which didn't need to be replaced, totally new front brakes, I finally got back to the shop to have them recheck the alignment because it was still going to the left and they discovered that one of my tie rods keeps coming loose and I noted that because it I said it...
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    Mazda3 persistent shaking at 60mph...Help!

    I have a weird shaking going on at 60 MPH and up. In town it's fine. So far I've replaced tires in five sets, front struts, alignment, front axles. The vibration is still there. I was told by the people that did the struts that my front right ram was bent so I went ahead and replaced that. At...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    yesterday: left door electronic lock removal (from junkyard), r.rear abs sensor removal (jy), headlight gasket removal, side marker light removal.. then door electronic lock installation (took about two hours to figure it out.. taking it OUT was easy.. putting it IN was hard!!!..and it helps if...
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    Airbag Warning Light Flashing

    Hello I found this thread on google trying to read my code from the car I just bought today, used. Happy to get it going and there's a few codes I need to decipher, but this is one of them floating on the dash board. I think in *MY* case it's a little different and a different cause - the seat...