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    Guage cluster swap questions

    It’s plug and play! I got a nice cluster from a P5, automatic tranny. Everything works- high beam light, turn signals, and tach. I think if you have a Violet/White wire going to your guage cluster on 2001-2003 Protege/Protege5 you can swap these to your hearts desire. I think you have to run...
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    Guage cluster swap questions It looks like this guy was doing a MSP swap on his 2000 dx, which did not have a V/W wire going to his cluster, which I believe I do. He connected it through his diagnostic port (located behind...
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    Guage cluster swap questions

    I was looking at this exact same diagram before I posted. All the way to the right almost 3/4 the way to the bottom it says "V/W" on the connection which I am assuming is the Violet/White wire. I followed the manual to the pinout diagram, and it seems to be exactly where my Violet (Purple) /...
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    Guage cluster swap questions

    I searched and there isn't much info on it that I could find- I have a 2003 Protege - I think its a DX. No power locks/windows, MT, no Tach. My question is can I swap a cluster from a 2001-2003 protege with a Tachometer with no problems? Can I use an automatic transmission cluster? I pulled my...
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    I got a new alternator, installed and tested it with every single button I could turn on from the inside, high beams, heated defrost, and no battery light at high RPMs. It's nice having a real alternator, DBElectrical (for our cars) are junk. They are making them produce more voltage it seems...
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    Protege Unicorn

    I did the bracket/front upper strut bar swap on mine as well, from a MP3 . Your car is clean!
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    I read about the 9v trick in another thread, tried it, and it didn’t seem to work. The 9v battery was good tested that as well. I put my junkyard solenoid in, revved the engine and the VICS actuator arm moved. I reset my ECU for twenty minutes, got a scanner, NO CODES now, nothing pending. The...
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    I only got a P0660 code. I grabbed about three of those sensors at the junk yard today and tested them for resistance before choosing the ones I wanted. Three Protoges there, and it looked like all three cars VICS side solenoids were toast (Zero resistance). So I got 3 VTCS solenoids that tested...
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    Protege5 rough Idle help

    My car was idling really rough after driving when I first got it, culprit was a filthy air filter. I think it had cylinder misfire as well. Clean your EGR, IAC, and maybe replace PCV or clean it.
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    I can get a new one with a lifetime warranty from advance auto for around $200 USD. And if I have to return or warranty it there is a store about every 7-10 miles around here. Meanwhile, I have inspected all connections (good), did voltage drop tests on connections (+) and (-) from battery to...
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    The belt is tight and I haven’t had a CEL for 6 months.
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    I was going through the comments on Amazon for the alternator I bought and several people say it tends to fail ~ 5000 rpm. The reason I got two alternators is I contacted the company with my battery light problems and they sent me a new one on warranty - 1 year. I will check those wires &...
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    03 Protege 5MT 2.0L Battery light at high RPMs

    Hello all- My battery light comes on when hitting higher rpms (accelerating onto highway etc.). I do not have a Tach so I do not know specifically what RPM. The pedal is pretty much on the floor and it mainly happens in 1st thru 3rd gear, sometimes 4th. What I have tried so far; 2 TWO...
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    Winter is here and my CX-5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    Does the CX-5 have any kind of butterflies in the intake manifold for emissions during cold start or cold operation? I know my protege has VTCS variable tumble control butterflies right before intake manifold joins engine block. They are for cold temp emissions
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    Mp3 ecu

    I got mine off of search for 2001 Mazda protege electrical > engine computer and it will say “mp3”. Part number FS9N-18-881 or a “B” or “C” at the end. Call the wrecking yards and have them confirm the part number. Happy hunting. It’s an awesome mod.
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    MP3 ecu on the way, some questions?

    Update: I swapped out the mp3 ecu with no modifications to VTCS and no problems. My protege definitely wants to rev higher when accelerating, 2nd gear pulls a lot harder, and it almost opened up a new power band for the car @ around 4000 rpm. Acceleration in 3rd through 5th gear is definitely...
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    MP3 ecu on the way, some questions?

    Is this ecu reset a frequently needed thing I have to do with my new ecu? I have done this before to clear CEL or when working on cars in the past.
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    battery terminal wire is corroded

    One wire goes to the strut tower and the other wire grounds to the top of the transmission. You can see it if you take out the battery tray in my car. You should have plenty of play in that wire to strip it and put a new terminal on.