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    Circuit Sports 4pt and 6pt Braces

    Circuit Sports 4pt and 6pt Braces For Sale Circuit Sports MS6 and Mazda6 Braces 4pt $150 Shipped 6pt $150 Shipped List Date: 7/12/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Circuit Sports 4pt and 6pt Braces -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $156.09...
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    Circuit Sports Rear Reinforcement Brace

    Circuit Sports Rear Subframe Reinforcement. Fits all BJ Protege models, does not include VBrace arms. $75 shipped 2 left
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    Circuit Sports Sedan Trunk Cage Set

    Circuit Sports Sedan trunk cage. It does not fit the P5. Setup is new but was installed to ensure fitment. $410 shipped You can paypal
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    Rusted, Rock Chips? =((((((

    Hey everyone, I was washing the CX5 and stubled on to this rusted rock chip. Sucks since its a 2014 and its already rusting like that....
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    GI Rear Sway Bar Relocation Brackets

    We are looking to see who is interested in a set of rear sway bar relocation brackets. We all know it's a pain to bend those brackets when you go to replace the weak OEM brackets. These will allow the more beefy brackets such as the Progress and Energy Suspension brackets. These will relocate...
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    Pandora, USB, and Aux Disabled?

    Hey guys just wondering you guys ran into this issue? It was working fine last week where the Bluetooth was automatically pairing with my phone and being able to even open the Pandora and Bluetooth tabs. Right now only the radio works. The other tabs are grey and I am unable to open the tabs...
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    Just picked up new CX5 last night!

    Been wanting one of these since first seeing the preproduction pics of these floating around the internet. Ended up trading the wife's 2010 Mazda3 for it. It's a 2014 2.5L Touring model. Love it so far. All of our cars before this have been manual transmission, so switching over has been nice...
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    What is the funniest thing you heard/ seen today?

    After posting a bunch in the "what pissed you off today" thread. I figure I start up something a bit different. So post up what the funniest thing you have either heard or seen happen today.
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    Energy Suspension Adjustable Rear Endlinks

    Just ordered a Energy Suspension Universal Black 5-3/4"-6-3/4" "A" Range Pivot Style End Link Set In hopes of using it on the P5 with my Progress Sway Bar. Im hoping that they will workout well. =) They look similar to these.
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    Methanol: Who else is using it?

    Who here is using meth injection on their MSP? Looking for install tips, pics and where you installed your setup!
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    GI: CR3 Air Diversion Panels

    Here is a highly requested item, we are looking to put an order of 15-20 units of these ADPs. The radiator needs constant airflow, with minimum turbulence, to be as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, gaps in the structure around the radiator allow air to escape, resulting in lost...
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    Engine dies out after a 20 min drive then restarted?

    Not sure if that title makes sense. The problem that I am having is that i will drive to work in the morning, i will stop somewhere to pick up lunch. I let the car run for about 30 seconds before I shut it off. I go in, get my food, then come back to start the car up. At this point when the car...
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    What boost controller are you using?

    Hey guys, im trying to find out what kind of boost controllers are you using? Manual or Electronic? What brands? Are you happy with the one you have now? Which ones would you recommend? This is knowledge for me and future members looking for info! =)
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    Ignition Options

    Are there any other options besides Nology wires or the 1.8 coilpack upgrades? (for cars with stock ECU, non-standalone)
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    Wont go past 4000 rpm under heavy load

    Hey guys, I recently put a hiboost kit on my P5, I have a MSP ECU, Split Second, AEM Wideband as well. What happens is the car does not rev higher than 4000 rpm under heavy load (you know what I mean...) At or around 4000 i get hard bucking, i have tried pushing through it but it doesnt...
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    Medieval Motor Mounts (Bushing Replacement)

    Has anyone replaced the bushings on their Medieval Motor Mounts? I have a passenger and trans mounts that need the bushings replaced. Just wondering to see if anyone else has used something like the AWR replacements or something similar?
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    GI: CR3 Motorsports 3" Stock Replacement Downpipes

    Hey guys, we are looking at taking over production and sales of the Pope Engineering and Performance 3" Downpipe for the Mazdaspeed Protege. After the group buy, we will continue to make these for Protege owners. Price will be $360 Shipped although it will take 6-8 weeks due to the castings...
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    AEM FIC and BLITZ DC2 Turbo Timer

    Looking to sell these two items. AEM FIC $275 Shipped Does not come with Flying Lead Harness Vaccum Nipple was broken off but can be replaced easily from AEM (pic shown) Includes: AEM FIC6 Unit Bypass Harness Data Cable Install Instructions I will also include a link of the wiring diagram...
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    WTB Split Second

    Looking for a Split Second Air/Fuel Controller. Thanks!
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    Who is using the AEM FIC?

    Im wondering who here has the AEM FIC and using it without issue? Also to gauge how many people are currently using it. Thanks!