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    Letting go of my P5

    Thanks. The buyer felt the same way and kept commenting about what great condition the car was in after he test drove it.
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    Letting go of my P5

    Well it went quickly to another P5 owner in the area. His old P5 has the bike and roof racks installed and original wheels. His new one has (my old one) has the Enkei wheels. I miss my P5 already but at least it went to someone that I know loves the car!
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    Letting go of my P5

    Selling My P5 after 18 years of ownership. I've listed it in the marketplace. Hate to let it go. This is the only car I have ever purchased new. Picked out the options I wanted (or more accurately the lack thereof)! I've loved it from day one as have both of my daughters. This car went...
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    SOLD! 2002 Protege5 5spd Manual - High mileage but great car!

    All, This car is sold! Thanks. It went quickly. Selling my 2002 P5. It has high mileage, 330,800 miles (thought it was higher). The car is very clean and runs great. It is very good shape mechanically. It has no rust. I have owned it since it's arrival at the dealership (there when it...
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    How many miles does your P5 have?

    337k miles on my 2002 P5. No rust. did have to change the engine last year at 328Kmiles due to repeated overheating that we could not solve. It did not start burning oil until well past 268K miles (after daughter took it away to college). However, I changed the oil religiously at 3000 mile...
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    2003 Protege5 Part out

    Sent a PM! By the way, do you have the roof rack? I'm trying to find the strips and clips from one without the roof rack so I can completely remove mine.
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    02 protege5 alignment issues?

    I know this is really late. Did you find the cause of your problem? I had similar problem with My P5 that existed from day one with the car except it happend on all four wheels. The inside edge of the each tire would wear severely while the rest of the tires looked good. Problem lasted...
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    Another P0420 CEL

    Thanks for the suggestion. We tried to get all of the old gas out before putting it back on the road. I've now put about 600 miles on it since the P0420 code came up. BTW, I have new coils and plugs in there since the misfire code. Each day it seems to run better but the the code persists...
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    Protege Parts for Sale!

    I know it's late. Do you still have the pre-cat? I'd love to get it!!! zip is 27503
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    FS: Parting 2002 Protege5

    How much for the driver side tail light?
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    Another P0420 CEL

    Well, I've been trying to get my P5 back on the road. Started driving it again last week (first time it has been driven since April 2018). Put about 50 miles on it when the check engine light came on and started flashing. Misfire and dead downstream O2 sensor (had mechanic friend check it...
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    100K MP5 Club

    Finally got it back on the road! Much work and miscellaneous repairs. Luckily no rust! Photo now and when I picked it up from the boneyard a little over a year ago. More plans in store for it!
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    College Student First Car Build Gabe, I recall you asking for one of these! Here is the direct link. It was posted by o.g.sk8er!
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    New P5 buyer

    Are you looking at one in particular?