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    2018 CX-5 head gasket issues?

    The Mazda 2.5L turbo has been a DISASTER on the CX9. Look up 2.5L turbo coolant leaking…….makes the CD issue seem like a nothingburger in comparison. It’s not IF a 2016 CX9 will develop engine trouble, it’s a matter of when. Anyone thinking the 2.5L Turbo is without major issues, the facts do...
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    Red Light/Speed cam announcement on Infotainment

    Comes from the SD card no doubt. My wife’s 2018 touring will make the announcements despite not having XM capability.
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    33.2 MPG with the CX-5

    They added a built in option to show CD active in the fuel section of the infotainment...I think it started in 2020?
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    33.2 MPG with the CX-5

    Instant MPG as mentioned can be tough to gauge....but I’m pretty in tune with the CX5 and subtlety can tell when it’s running in CD mode on my street (35mph limit, it’s a few miles long, flat road) it will go from mid-low 30’s to 45+mpg sustained with light throttle. One thing I remember was...
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    33.2 MPG with the CX-5

    We have many roads with 35-50mph limits in my area of western MA, right in the sweet spot for CD kicking in. Which is why our combined mpg per tank is always over 30mpg....rural roads+highway mixed in offsetting any traffic lights and slow going. Both our CX5’s are AWD.
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    33.2 MPG with the CX-5

    Variations between cars will effect that mpg, but a 2016 is lighter weight then gen2 CX5’s. I can say both my wife’s 2018 and my 2019 AVERAGE easily over 30mpg per tank in combined driving. I credit that to our Cx5’s Cylinder Deactivation helping especially on rural sub 60mph roads. We have...
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    Bass Roll Off?

    Turning off center point makes the bass seem more pronounced.
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    2021 CX-5 Navigation Day mode at Night?

    Turn down the dash brightness, it’s on the instrument cluster, turn dial down and it will dim the cluster and the infotainment display.
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    30k fuel system service

    Yes I’m aware, likely just going to have the dealer perform brake service. Their estimate doesn’t seem way out of line and is comparable to other shops.
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    30k fuel system service

    Thanks for the replies, agree with the consensus. I’ve declined this service past couple trips for the wife’s 2018 CX5. Her car now has 42k miles on it. Time to start preparing for other consumables, her OEM tires are 5/32 range, brake pads now considered “yellow”. All in all her 2018 has been...
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    30k fuel system service

    Mazda dealer has been recommending a fuel system service at 30k mile intervals. The service would cover the injectors/valves/fuel system etc. claim is that is helps remove deposits accumulated due to direct injection. This doesn’t seem to be listed in the Mazda owners manual, but I’m sure other...
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    2017~2021 CX-5 Borla Exhaust

    Looking forward to hearing the difference, maybe you’ll get a nice throaty exhaust note :)
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    Transmission issues (Loss of power)?

    OP can always trade in to a 2017 CX5, the car is very similar to a 2018 minues the engine change.....the lower price due to age being a year older may help offset the trade-in cost. With some luck it might be a keys swap or a slight cost to the OP.
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Yes I’ve most certainly followed the CD threads, the instances of the engine power issue were exceedingly rare and remedied immediately once the programming fault was discovered. There are hundreds of thousands of Mazda 2.5L CD engines on the roads, the reliability of the engine is top notch...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Good to hear all is normal with your CX5, that was a normal sounding engine as anyone familiar with these cars should have also told you. Again, there this a very vocal minority which will immediately sound alarm bells on this forum causing unjust worry and panic to owners. They even made the...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Just watched your video, IMO that is a totally normal 2.5L engine sound. We have had 3 newer Mazda’s, a 2016 Mazda 6, a 2018 CX5 and 2019 CX5. They ALL have had that fuel injector ticking noise......CD or non-CD. That’s my opinion, but I fully expect more reports of (weird noise) as that’s what...
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    CX-5 MPG with Turbo vs NA?

    Both my 2019 GT and wife’s 2018 Touring average slightly over 30mpg per tank, every fill up. The CD helps with many side roads are 35-45 mph limits in our area, almost no stop and go traffic, and normal highway speeds of 65-70mph. Despite hilly Massachusetts terrain both our cars are way...
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    WAZE Question

    Cell phone
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    Mazda Connect (Nav) update for Feb 2021

    Probably not. They still list construction lower speed limit traveling through downtown Springfield which has been finished for over a year now. They also don’t list a street we are building a home on in South Carolina. There are countless omissions if you look hard enough.
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    Recommendation for choosing used CX-5 year and model

    Yup, had both our cars flashed. No issues before and no issues after. Have the 2017’s ever had a TSB? Sure they have. Does that make them a model year to avoid? Absolutely not.