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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Quite possible. turns out my exhaust heat shield is rattling around the middle of the car. Need to get it up on ramps and see if a fastener came loose.
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Double check the rear shock mounts. Common rattle on the 5.
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    After about a month of not getting my front sway bar bushings installed (the typical popping noise from the front) I finally took it to my mechanic to do. bolts were hella tight and I could only break one loose, so I soaked everything in penetrating oil. Then tendinitis flared up in both...
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    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

    This is why I’m happy I found those lowering springs on sale. Didn’t want that super bumped look in the back.
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    2007 Mazda5...New Owner...Have some problems

    Pretty sure for at least one of my cars I’ve been able to order KYB fully assembled strut kits, so not all all in ones are garbage. I’ve also had really good experiences with KYB. I’ll echo about replacing the bearings...The mounts are cheap, and the whole thing has to be disassembled to swap...
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    2007 Mazda5...New Owner...Have some problems

    My sister went through a strut saga on her ’08 model a year or two ago. Replaced the OE with an aftermarket assembled strut. Made lots of noise and banging even though installed correctly. Took it to another shop who confirmed they were installed correctly. They put in a new set of better...
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    Mazdaspeed3 front caliper parts for Mazda5

    Pretty sure the brackets need to be swapped. You’ll also need to either remove, replace, or modify the metal shield behind the rotor.
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    Need Stiffer Rear Coils

    Update after a long while. No issues with the CX7 lowering springs since I installed them last summer. I didn’t end up taking that car on a big trip last year, so it hasn’t really been loaded up with weight to speak of since I swapped the springs. I went to pick up some firewood today, so...
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    Mazda5 Horn Replacements

    Absolutely. I’ve installed paired horns on several cars without adding A relay. There’s already a horn relay in the fuse box.
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    Heated Mirror Retrofit to Sport and Touring Models

    Yup, second gen there’s no connection from the inside of the door jam connector to the fuse box.
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    Replacing 2012 Mazda5 muffler. Help

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. My mechanic ordered an OE part from a dealer IIRC. The part was new/unused. It was funny because they’d given me the quote for the whole system. Then I went online and found a cheaper option for the part I needed right as he was calling me back to say...
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    Replacing 2012 Mazda5 muffler. Help

    I had a rusted out exhaust around where it curves to go around the rear wheel, so had to replace the pipe. My mechanic saw the same thing you encountered with the OEM prices being ridiculous. He was able to find an OEM part starting behind the CAT (which was fine) for a fraction of the cost...
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    Turbocharging 2.3L auto?

    yeah that was a mistype on my end. Meant to put 20hp, not lbs of boost.
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    C-19 Storage?

    At least give it a couple of miles to drive around.
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    Hey Y’all!

    If you’re doing rear end work maybe try looking into helper air bags in the rear springs, or like what I did in putting CX-7 lowering springs in the rear. The stock suspension doesn’t do great when filled with people/stuff, so I was looking to get a little more support when loaded up. Bear...
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    Camping with Mazda5?

    Well if the position of the mechanical switch is sending a signal to the dash to say the door is open you could theoretically put a manual switch on the inside of the door panel to give you a cutoff for that signal to be sent. Would need to make sure you had access to that switch from the...
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    Android head unit. What do I need to know before buying?

    Sweet baby jesus that’s a large screen! I can’t speak to these android units. Back when I owned my 3 lots of people installed similar units. While some had perfectly fine experiences, most people reported a number of buggy issues. A shame really, because I personally love the OEM look with...