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  1. nyexx

    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    Great value for money, good choice. I generally prefer the CX-5 but for the same price I would likely do the same.
  2. nyexx

    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    There are pretty substantial discounts available on the RDX. The price may be closer than many think.
  3. nyexx

    Finally got my Mazda3!

    It depends on the person. This was not true for me.
  4. nyexx

    Finally got my Mazda3!

    Nice. I picked up a 2010 3s Grand Touring Tech 6 speed sedan back in March for $8200. Has 88,000 miles. Also my first car and I'm new to driving stick. I'll admit it wasn't the easiest car to learn to drive stick in but I've got it down for the most part. Good luck!