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    Where did everybody go?

    There doesn't seem much life left in these Mazda forums anymore. Even asking a basic question on replacing a Mazda battery gets zero replies. (shocked)
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    Replacing battery in 2014 / 2015 Mazda3s

    I have watched a few youtube videos and it appears some have struggled to remove the housing bracket for the battery. Nothing much was mentioned on using a battery tender or something like an AC battery charger or how to use to preserve your infotainment settings and preventing your ECU, PCM...
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    Any working links for complete Mazda TSB and manuals?

    Seems like they're all dead including torrent links.
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    Should my next new car be the Honda Civic Hatchback?

    It seems a close race, but I am leaning toward the Civic. This article seems to echo my comparison, especially since the reliability of the 2016 Mazda3 isn't that good. However, I remain cautious on the Civic's Auto transmission's reliability...
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    How to remove lower console in Mazda3

    I have to access the brain of my aftermarket alarm that's hidden below the steering wheel and inside the console. Are there any pics or tutorials that show me how to get in there? Is it a PIA? Thanks
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    Any deals on Sirius Radio Kits

    I'm thinking of getting a Sirius radio kit for my 2005 3 since Sirius is doing badly right now, as long as I can get a deal. Is it worth getting and are there any deals to be had? It's pretty hard to find used since it's usually already sold with the car and I would rather avoid Ebay.
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    Please help me decide: Which winter tires to buy

    I am looking for a set of 4 winter tires for my Mazda3. Tire size 205/55R16. I am considering the following tires: Dunlop 3D Micheline Ice 2 (brand new model) General Tire Arctic (studable) As I have to buy the entire set including steelies, this won't be cheap. I would like to cut down...
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    Mazda3 4 Speed AT issues?

    Over the last several months, I noticed my auto tranny (4 Speed) is starting to getting "harder" while it automatically shifts up, usually anywhere above 2nd gear. Unfortunately, this is intermittent so the dealer can't really determine if there is anything wrong without taking the pan off. I...
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    AT 4/ or 5 Speed downshifting

    A female friend of mine says her 2006 AT 5 speed downshifts automatically when going down hill. I never heard of this before. I did see this for myself to my surprise. Now, with my 05 4 Speed AT, it doesn't do this. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Mazda3 Auto-roll back

    I was stopped on a steep hill today. There was another car in front of me but nobody in the backl It felt like my auto was a manual tranny. I was able to roll back a considerable distance. I counted ~20 seconds before I put the brakes on. Is this normal?
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    How to replace wiper blades (not rubber inserts)

    Just wondering if there was a "how to" on this one? My left wiper blade isnt wiping well. It was already replaced in the fall under warranty from the dealer but it only was fine for a month. Dealer now won't cover or help me out since he says the one year warranty has lapsed. I keep on...
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    Do 6x9 fit in OEM holes of Mazda3

    Just wondering? Someone suggested I get install 6x9's in the rear instead the standard 6x8s?
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    Recommendations on Hitch Rack Bike Mounts

    Does anyone have a hitch rack for their Mazda3? Looking for one for the Mazda3 sedan that's easy to use and mount suspension mountain bikes. Thanks
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    ? 2005 Mazda3- Crappy Audio: Should replace deck and/or speakers

    My Mazda3 sedan has the stock deck (one CD) and I am not happy with the way the CD or FM sounds. Was thinking of replacing the speakers, but I can't recall where, but I read somewhere that the speakers aren't the problem, but the deck. I find the sound to soft and tinny. Any suggestions on...
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    How to get M3 Service Manual?

    I download one but it was up to Mazda 2002. I deleted it in frustration. It was called MAZDAISO. Any idea if someone is running a torrent or whatever for one these days?
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    Door lock cap/plug for Mazda3?

    Just wondering if this exists for the M3. It's a dummy door lock and cap that replaces the existing door lock that looks like the door handle assembly on all the other doors. I am looking for one to reduce the liklihood of a B&E as my door lock was popped a while ago. I had one of these...
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    Maching or replacing Rotors

    My M3, only 6 months old and 4000 KM on it has some rear brake issues. Occasionaly clunking. Dealer serviced the brakes as per bulletin. Problem is still there. I noticed slight grooves on the rears but not the fronts. I compared my M3 with some older one's in my parking garage and none...
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    Brand new Mazda 3 - rough idle

    I am proud to say (I think) to be a brand new Mazda3 owner. I decided to get a 2.0 auto since I drive mostly in the city and driving a stick didn't make much sense for me. Anyhow, right away, as soon as I pulled the M3 off the lot and I came to a red light, I felt a slight rough idle, it is...
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    Vancouver Canada: Looking for Car Alarm dealer

    I just got my Mazda 3 and I have called to a few places like Future Shop and A&B Sound for a basic car alarm (dual stage impact sensor and glass). One place, Audio Video in Richmond wants to rape me and sell me an alarm that only controls door locks (BFD) and has a glass sensor for $400...
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    Common problems with the Mazda3

    I have very little patience when my car has rattles and squeaks including other major/annoying issues. I currently own a 2002 Jetta TDI that has ongoing issues with clogging of the intake manifold primarily because I don't drive much nor do I drive the car hard enough. I was told I should...