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    Vacuum/boost Issue. Fuel cut off.

    Alright so I've owned my MSP for a while now and I've slowly been trying to sort out issues with it. I just replaced all the vacuum lines with nice silicone lines andreplaced any of the factory plastic t's with larger brass t's. I have an hks bov and it just doesn't seem to open. The way I have...
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    Compressor Surge With HKS BOV on MSP

    So this las summer I installed an HKS BOV on the hot pipe coming off the turbo. I have the corksport FMIC and cold air intake kit. The valve opens and releases pressure when boosting but after the vent it has a undertone of compessor surge like not all the pressure was released. When not...
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    MSP Short Throw and hight shifter

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a shift kit that shortens the hight and the throw of the stock Mazdaspeed protege Shifter. Im mainly looking to reduce the hight of the shifter but would also like some throw reduction.
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    Forge motorsport blow off valve kit - mazdaspeed protege

    Alright so I just put the forge blow off valve on my msp. I have it attached to the corksport fmic kit which is pretty much set up the same as stock. When I am boosting all the pressure seems to be heading back out to the air filter and creating the turkey sound that our cars tend to make. When...
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    Loud Screaming noise from turbo area

    Hey I have a loud almost screaming noise coming from my down pipe/turbo area on My msp. All seals have been replaced and I cant quite pin point where the noise is coming from since it just echoes off everything. Has anyone else had this issue before or have an idea on what might be causing it...
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    Forge motorsport blow off valve kit - mazdaspeed protege

    Just as the title suggests I am wondering about the forge motorsport blow off valve kit for the mazdaspeed protege. I can not seem to find any forums with someone who has purchased and installed one of these guys. I am looking to put it on my msp, at the moment I have the corksport fmic kit with...
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    Mazdaspeed Protege Projector Headlights

    Hello, I have an 03 Mazdaspeed Protege and I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to get projector headlight units for this car. I have looked for hours online and haven't found anything but I may just be looking in the wrong spot.