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    Speed6 interior stuff...

    Cargo net $OLD...... shipped for shift boot,e brake cover and armrest cover black and white leather.. $OLD
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    Just got a new toy...

    I've been searching for a roadster for awhile now, but i have yet decided on which one i'm gonna get! The s2000 is a little expensive for my taste even for a used one:chinese: I found the 02 SLK AMG with 37k miles for 14k ,but it's from arizona :28: i don't want to settle down on the new...
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    How-to install prosport gauge and block8head pod

    This how to is very long, to make it short i edited all the pictures with explanation to make it easy for you guys to follow.... There might be a little step missing here and there,but nothing major so don't worry about it... Thanks to jman46 for bringing his car to my house to install the...
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    FS : MS6 Exhaust surround LH

    Sold Sold :)
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    FS: Gold RX8 wheels with or without tires

    These wheels has been powder coated Gold metalic not too long ago i have no need for them since i bought the truck and i don't need to drive my baby in the winter time... Tires have less than 500 miles on them and you can see those hair still attached on the side wall i bought these wheel in...
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    Car and Coffe meet.....

    Sorry, i just found out yesterday via Email.... Me and carlson gonna be there Hope to see some of you there.... Ben :)
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    I did it " Finally"

    From this: To this: Brought her home today.... Exterior Interior (breakn)
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    Carlson install day....

    Here are some pics of what he installed today: The Ugliness.... And the beauty: And we got visitor : (peep) :) Thanks Mark for stopping by... :)
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    RHO plate MS6- MS3

    $45 shipped within US " 48" states pic on the car"
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New year Everyone May the new year bring you love and happiness .
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    FS: MS3 Nano intake " Cp-e"

    FS: MS3 Nano intake " Cp-e" "SOLD" MS3 CP-e nano intake SOLD
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    Ben and Carlson Photoshoot

    Not the Best ,but we tried............... Enjoy
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    Almost done....

    My trunk space is almost coming together now... here is the latest..... The one on the left is Meth tank The one in the middle is Rx-8 tires repair kit... and the one on the right is my 2 channel amp (silly) It's not done yet so stay tuned.......
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    How to: install defrost vent gauge pod

    I'm not very good with the write up, so just follow the pics to your success.. (wink) Remove this dash piece by using other steps... To remove the pille you have to push it towrd the roof to unlock those clips behind the pillar... you can be able to remove this screw from the round...
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    i found pics of my old 8

    :'( these are the only pics i have left of my 8 These took from my old house.. Fields Corner I missed her: The accord is mine too... lol
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    Ben Saturday project

    Solo Sat install... Turbo,dP DNP Get ready for the meet (peep) stay tuned....
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    Ben' MS6 engine bay pics...

    Finally got my intake mani powder coated . Took me 3 hours to get everything done: Here is the list: EGR delete Vtcs delete Vacuum by pass Coolant by pass Ptp intake mani gasket.... Here is the pics: Before: After: Enjoy... More to come ,stay tuned.. (drive)
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    HDR or photo editor...

    My new wheels Powder coated Gold
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    WTB: RX-8 wheels

    As the title said.... Local only.. Let me know .. Ben
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    I'm back.....

    MS6 With Gt2871r and EWG Happy new year to all.....:) Here is my latest project, also i'm taking a roadtrip to maryland to transform my car into a monster this month..Friday the 20th Here are few pics for your viewing pleasure ;)