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    Protege Engine Mount Inserts - Front, Driver, and Passenger Sides

    Up for sale is a set of Engine mount inserts for the 3rd Gen Proteges. The Front inserts are used - driver and passenger sides are both new. Selling all of them as a set. Shipping to the US only. Paypal address will be private messaged to buyer. No Dibs - first come, first serve. $55 Shipped OBO
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    1989 Black RX7 Turbo II Swap Project - $3500obo - GA

    The good: Clean Body - No Rust. Turbo II full swap including transmission, driveshaft, differential, and professionally rebuilt axles. Godspeed FMIC kit, Apexi intake, RTek chipped ECU eliminates fuel cut and OMP, also retards timing one degree for every psi of boost over stock. CyberStork white...
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    FS: Actron CP7612 Battery Load Tester - New

    I have for sale Brand New Actron CP7612 Battery Load Testers. Multiple units available. Comes with tester and instruction manual. These work for 6v and 12v batteries. It is a 100 amp load capacity tester. Features Include: Rugged, precise 3” jeweled D’Arsonval meter with zero adjust...
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    FREE - Various turbo pipes and Couplers - Just Pay Shipping

    OK, Heres the deal. Took the turbo off my car a while ago and these are the parts that are left. I am tired of having to work around them, so they are free to anyone who wants them. Just pay $15 for shipping and it is all yours. There are various pipes that are spray painted black, various...
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    Glowshift Boost/Vac Gauge

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    Turbo Kit, Turbo Parts

    I am going to be putting this kit up for sale. Everything is for sale. Parting it out, so everything is for sale individually. No dibs. Paypal addy will be pmed once buyer is secured. Everything is OBO. I will not get offended by offers, but at the same time will not respond to low ballers...
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    Methanol Injection, Intake, and Oil Catch Can

    As usual, No Dibs-First to pay gets the item(s), only selling to CONUS, paypal will be pmed once buyer is secured. All prices OBO Intake elbow and coupler for stock MSP turbo, perfect start to an intake, what you see is what you get - $30 shipped Brand New Signature Sound Oil catch can with 2...
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    Random, Turbo Parts, Gauges, Gauge Pods

    Selling some stuff I have left over from putting the turbo in my car. Everything is first to pay gets the item, No Dibs. Selling to US only for now. Paypal Addy will be pmed once buyer is secured. Shipping not included in price unless noted. I will do my best to describe everything, All items...
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    Local Place for Turbo gaskets?

    I need the inlet/outlet exhaust gaskets for the msp turbo, and was hoping to find them locally as my car is already ripped apart and i forgot about the gaskets. Any help would be appreciated. -Keno
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    Check Out My FS Thread

    Will make a deal for any locals that want any of my stuff that will pick it up and pay cash. Let me know if you guys want anything.
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    FS: Cleaning out the Garage

    Used Passenger Side Tail Light for non-msp Proteges - Sold MSP sub enlosure with JL sub and Kenwood Amp(brackets included) - SOLD HID Retrofit Kit - 350Z ballasts and FX45 projectors w/ bulbs - Sold Used Tokico Illuminas with less than 3k miles on them - Sold
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    Torn Front Motor Mount = Big Exhaust Leak???

    I just noticed my front motor mount is torn and today I got huge Exhaust leak. I cant figure out where it is coming from, but it seems like somewhere around the header. Anyone got any ideas? Already got a mount on order, btw.
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    Anybody local want illuminas?

    I have some illuminas with less than 3k miles on them for the 3rd gen proteges...anybody want them? i will make a deal for anyone local, i am about to move and dont have the room at my new place to store them...lmk
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    Grand Am Barber Race

    Anyone going to the Grand Am race at Barber in Birmingham? July 17-19, with the actual Rolex race being on the 19th.
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    Fuel Smell In Cabin

    I can smell fuel a lot in the cabin? What could be causing this? It appeared pretty suddenly.
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    Anybody else have a bad experience at Redline Automotive?

    I went to get my bridgestones mounted that i got off tire rack at their shop and I had a pretty crappy experience with them. They were nice people, but their work did not strike me as high quality. First thing I noticed when I got my car back after them mounting the tires is that the alignment...
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    WTB: AXR Clunk Bracket

    I am about to purchase some of these, but just wanted to see if anyone here had some they wanted to get rid of first.
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    Autocross Questions Again

    So, the season is coming around as i have seen on the Solo Atlanta Forum, got my helmet already, and I just wanted to run some questions I had by you guys. What is the best/cheapest way to join SCCA? And do I have to join to go to the autocrosses? Also, how do you sign up for the events? I...
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    anybody local want anything?

    click link in my sig...willing to make deals for locals
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    WTB: Stock 01+ tail lights protege

    someone hit and ran me while my car was parked in a parking garage, so i need either just the driver side (or maybe both if you dont want to split, depends on price). MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION!!!