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    check out the metro card....
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    Rotating Car Mount for iPad
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    lol wtf?
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    Ferrari 458 Italia

    lots more pictures here...
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    bloom blox on 60 minutes.;cbsCarousel very interesting video.
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    dolphins in the hackensack river

    near hackensack. hope they are ok. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    New Angles and Waves album Love. Free direct download from their website. Pretty good album too. Enjoy!
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    Yikes! Bus crash from three angles:

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    Neon Burnout...BOOM! LOL!
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    show us your keychain...

    i'll go first...
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    Audi vs BMW

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    Insane GARAGE PICTURE THREAD that's my one of favorites....more pics inside
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    Yellow Top Battery installed...

    had to improvise with the bracket. the battery is way smaller then the stock one. i found this rubber stub thing and wedged it between the battery and the bracket.
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    my sub install.

    8W7 with a 500.1v2 Here is the little guy before i put in the box. the magnet is huge! I want to thank everyone that helped me with this install. i used many "how to's" for this install. my next step is to upgrade the battery. when the sub hits, the lights dim. i thinking of going to a...
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    where did you mount your bass controller?

    i can't find a place that i'm happy with.
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    I have to ask...

    why is NY a separate forum from the NJ/PA/Del? i find it totally retarded. I live in NNJ and work in NYC. why must i visit two different forums? TRI-STATE area is NY/NJ/PA. why is Delaware included with NJ and PA? This makes absolutely no sense what's so ever.
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    Anyone try the JL Audio Stealthbox? Just wondering if anyone knows how good or bad this thing sounds? I'm a little skeptical about it. I love JL Audio. I had 2 12" W6v2 in both my Audi A4 and S4, but they were just in a conventional square sub...