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    engine swap pointers

    hello all I have redecided to put another engine in a 2nd p5 i own. i can get a jdm engine cheap and im going to install myself with the help of a friend. anyone have any pointers or ideas on what extra things i should buy? i kno the obvious motor mounts water pump timing belt main seals slave...
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    p5 Stock oem roofrack crossmember deletes

    theyre brand new and came with the car when we bought it. we used the roof rack and never used these. seeing what theyre worth because i cant find them anywhere. appreciate the help!
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    FS: Parting 2002 Protege5

    Hello protege people im back from dead. sorry it has been so long my life has been crazier than ever, nevertheless, my original owner white p5 is getting parted out. I will remove and ship anything from Sacramento, CA, upon request and cash is king here nothing personal ever. obviously the...
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    Part Out White & Silver Protege5s

    Whats up p5 people I have a 2002 white p5 with little front damage and a 2003 silver one that's clean. Both the engines are toast so I am parting them out. I am willing to part out anything and everything on the car. I will ship whatever if you pay for shipping. I live in Sacramento, California...
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    Protege5 Air Intake, Lowered Susp. Wanted

    Looking into putting some minor upgrades in my p5. I plan on getting tokico hps with tein springs. The stock intake just needs to go anyways. Hmu with what you got thanks. If i didn't see something in a previous post that's my bad. Appreciate the links. -Thanks
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    Protege5 JDM taillights wanted

    If anyone out there has the JDM taillights that have the reverse light in the middle horizontally for sale hit me up thanks