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    FS: 2016 CX-9 Soft Cargo Liner 0000-8K-N09

    I'm selling my Soft Cargo Liner (0000-8K-N09) for the 2016 CX-9. It's an awesome liner and can cover up to the 2nd row if you have the 2nd and 3rd row folded flat. I'm looking to get the Rubber Cargo Tray (0000-8B-N10) instead which was recently released. If you guys are interested, I have...
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    2016 CX-9 Crossbars Install

    Anyone else install the crossbars for the 2016 CX 9 GT? I just did, it was a PITA. The bolts were inaccessible even with a u-joint socket as recommended by the instructions. I ended up unbolting the side rails so I can tighten the crossbars, then reinstalling the side rails. Unfortunately the...
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    Load Brake Pedal on Release

    Loud Brake Pedal on Release Is it just me or do the brake pedals spring loudly back into place when you release them and step on the gas? I can't remember if our old CX-5 was like this, but my Audi A4 certainly do not make that sound. It's when you release the brake pedal and it makes a...
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    Remote Key Range In Cabin

    Hi guys quick question, how far inside the cabin can I keep the keys for the car to work properly? I know all over the manual it says not to put the keys in the cup holders since it might not get detected from there. So back when we had our CX-5 (which we traded in for the CX-9), I assumed...
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    CX-9 Trailer Hitch Install

    Hi guys, can I get some info please on how the trailer hitch is installed on the 2016 CX-9? Like is is just bolted on, does it need to be welded on, or do I need to drill holes somewhere? I'm looking to get a CX-9 and get a trailer hitch installed. Not really for pulling stuff but more for...
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    2014 CX-5 Accessories for 2016 CX-9?

    We bought a 2014 CX-5 3 years ago, but we're currently looking into upgrading to the CX-9. I had a couple accessories I bought extra for the CX-5 and I was wondering which ones I can keep and use for my CX-5. Off of the top of my head here are the extras we have: - Wheel Locks (these I know I...
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    Radio Antenna Adapter

    I'm trying to install a Sirius XM FM Direct Adapter to my stock radio. From research I found out that I would need this adapter: So the gray plugs would go one to the stock antenna wire and another to the stock radio. The black plugs would go to the...
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    Seat Belt Extender for Rear Center

    Anyone know what type of buckle is used for the center rear seat on a 2014 CX5? I bought one of these extenders from amazon which worked well for the rear window seats but not the center. Thanks
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    Portable SiriusXM Radio Install

    I have a 2014 CX5 with the Sirius module installed (with the antenna and everything), but we had to cancel the subscription to save some money. On my other car (Audi A4) I have an XM Onyx unit that's hard wired (the radio base is hard wired, the unit itself is portable). Since this radio is...
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    Driver Power-Seat Not Moving Up

    In my 2014 CX-5 I got a year and a half a go, the power-seat adjustments for the driver side used to work properly. But now suddenly it won't move the seat up vertically. I can move it front, back, and down with no issues. But since I can't get it to move up, it is now in the bottom most...