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    Stumbled across couple parts of anyone wants them

    I have a clutch hose and a wheel bearing if anyone wants I'd hate to just throw it out.
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    Goodbye Mazda family

    There's is where I leave you, thank you for all the years of helping me out. I'll still be around the for sale forum until I sell all my stuff, going to add a few things. I bought an Acura RDX turbo AWD. Picking it up on Monday, they are detailing it and checking everything to make sure there's...
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    2003 Protege5

    Sold The saddest moment of my life. I yelled at my wife when she said she's sad to see it go... You made me sell it!!
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    Flashing cel

    So now my car just had a check engine light come on and it drives like s*** and sounds like s***. I checked and I don't see any broken lines.
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    Protege5 parts

    Taking off parts and will be posting them here, first parts I have are: SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED These are my leftover parts I will not be adding anything else. Car is gone. Stock Protege5 Rear Swaybar: $10 Protege5 Valve Cover: $20 OBO Climate Control: $15 OBO Cargo Net: $15 OEM Springs: $15...
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    It's official

    Selling the P5 at tax time. Will post up here and when I do, it'll be around February. If I don't get what I want for it I'll part it back out and sell it stock. I'm really heart broken to see this go, but the time has come for me to upgrade to something more family friendly. The only thing I...
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    Thinking of selling the P5

    I might sell the P5 to get a Mazda6 wagon. But I'm not sure if I want to because of how much time and money I put into it, I need a little extra space that the P5 doesn't have. How much should I ask for if I do? If I can't get close to my asking price I will take it all apart and put the stock...
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    Help 02 sensor

    Ok I had to get a new O2 sensor but it was the dyi one. I just need to know what color is what for the connections on the secondary O2. Since I have 2 blacks 1 white 1 blue. My old O2 was the same but it got super f'd up and I don't know how the wires went. So I don't just need to know what...
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    Blown something

    Ok this time I have a real problem, I haven't fully inspected the car yet but this is what happened, I was driving the car drove fine, stopped started then drove across the parking lot went to pull out onto a main Street and the car just died. Liked I "stalled" the car but it didn't want to...
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    Door lock actuators

    Did my door lock actuators, drivers door and both back doors. Someone should of said how much of a pain it would be for the rears. Not only was the door handles hard to pull off but my fat hands had a hard time putting on the actuators. Also holding the springs in place, my fingers hurt. Took...
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    I'm about to do the valve cover swap, but Ive got mixed answers about the gasket. It's a rubber gasket someone told me not to put sealant on it just some oil. Others stated to put rtv or some sort of sealant on. Which is it? What would you guys recommend, also the inch pounds to torque the bolts...
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    It happened

    Blew my head gasket some how. I took a trip up a mountain to stay in a cabin, there was no overheating or loss of power. I heard a rattling from the exhaust so I turned the car off looked around and didn't see anything. Then I started the car back up, no rattling. Coming down it was smoking...
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    P5 parts

    Close thread.
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    Airbag light flashing

    I looked this up and people said they just cleaned them and it went away. I tried that but didn't help, they looked very clean and wires didn't feel loose. Is there something else I can do or do I have to service the airbags.
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    Fog lights

    Ok guys I forgot and misplaced some info, I need to know the smaller fog lights to put in with the MSP front lip. I know they're smaller fog lights but can't remember the size. If you have some in there and have a recommendation for me that would be great. Funny thing is I actually might sell...
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    Friendly advice please.

    So I hit a snag, I just bought a MSP lip and I put 3m double sided tape on it, same as my wing but it's not staying flush around the bumper curve on both sides next to the fog light. I've used lots of pressure to push them together they stayed until the following day I went out and its sticking...
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    Spare tire cover

    Anyone know where to buy one? I can't seem to find any on eBay or anywhere else. I accidentally spilled some oil on it and it won't come out. I've tried scrubbing it using dish soap and purple power but it's still super oilly.
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    Cluster Calibration

    Anyone know how to? I'm having issues with the temp gauge, I turn it on and it just shoots up. It was working fine until I took the cluster out. I haven't driven with it yet but the tach and the fuel look to be correct at idle. Can't seem to fix the temp, it just wants to be pinged out at hot.
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    Protege5 Parts

    New post
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    Been awhile..

    So I got a code thrown at me, p0445 large EVAP leak. Gas cap replaced light came on about 5 days later, replacing the purge valve, my question is if it comes back on where exactly is the vent Valve/tube for the gas tank? I want to make sure the vent tube is clear, I looked at the lines from the...