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    Mazdas at Hillcrest Orchards

    So, I finally got around to scheduling this! When: Sunday, September 14th, 2014 @ 1:00pm until whenever. Where: Hillcrest Orchards, 50336 Telegraph Rd., Amherst, OH 44001 - For those of you that do not know, I live on an apple orchard that my family has owned and...
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    Mazda Meet @ Hillcrest Orchards

    As many of you know my family has an apple orchard, in the fall we have pick-your-own apples and pumpkins, hayrides, a corn maze, as well as other activities. I was thinking that this would be a good excuse to have a little get together with something to do isn't necessarily car related! We...
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    Enkei PF01 18x8 +40, TPMS, Lugs (no tires)

    I'm 90% sure I'll be trading my Speed3 in when spring rolls around and my PF01s aren't going to fit on my new car :( These were on my car for 2 summers and I put about 20k miles on them. They are as close to perfect for used wheels as you're going to find. I used a set (20 lugs) of McGard...
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    CP-E RMM, Mazdaspeed CAI, TWM STS, Forge V2 BPV, TWM Big Type R, and More

    I'm going to be getting ready to trade in or sell my Speed3 so I'm taking all my mods off... - CP-E Rear Motor Mount (75 Duro). Bushing was brand new when I received the mount. Only had on the car for about a year or 20k miles. $100 Shipped - Sold - Shipped - Mazdaspeed Cold Air Intake. Comes...
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    Will's 1991 Classic Red NA6 Thread

    So I was looking through my Dad's folder of stuff on the Miata in preparation of creating some sort of file or something that has the maintenance history of the car for my records and I thought I'd create a thread for it. :D History: My dad purchased it new on December 23, 1991 with 148 miles...
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    Goodwin Racing Custom Seat Bracket

    I'm moving to a different custom seat bracket in my Miata so I'm getting rid of this one made by Goodwin. I had it in my car just this summer. It will fit in all Miatas 90-05, driver side only! $75 shipped, OBO. I used this with Sparco sliders and a Sprint 5. If you are interested in the...
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    Sparco Sliders

    These were in my Miata for just this summer. In my never ending quest to get low enough in the car in my race seats I'm going back to a fixed mount so I no longer have a need for these. They are basically brand new with the sole exception that I cut about 1" of the track off behind where the...
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    OEM Speed3 Shocks (Front Only)

    Just pulled these off my car, they have 80,000 miles on them. $30 + shipping OBO.
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    2011 Ohio Autocross Schedule

    All done! The clubs on the list so far are: Ohio Valley Region SCCA Akron Sports Car Club - NORA Racing Mid-Ohio Sports Car Club Northwestern Ohio Region SCCA Crooked River Corvette Club Cincy SCCA Buckeye Miata Club Steel Cities Region SCCA Northern Ohio Region PCA Mid-Ohio Region PCA Maumee...
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    Advice: Moda MD11 vs Enkei Imola

    I need some new wheels/tires for my Speed3 this summer. The two options in the title are the leading contenders so far, probably in 18x8. I want to keep it in the 18" range. Price range is going to be $6-700. So what do ya think? Thanks!
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    '08 Speed3 Wheels For Sale

    Excellent set of Speed3 wheels for sale. Only driven in the summer, 1 wheel has 1 nick on it, otherwise they are perfect like the day that I drove them home from the dealership. The tires have 32k miles on them. 2 have slightly more tread than the others (see pictures below). Edit: The tires...
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    VIR November 5-7 Anyone?

    I'm making a trip out to VIR for a HPDE with the Northern New Jersey PCA and was wondering if anyone else is going to be there.
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    WTB: 18" OEM RX-8 Wheels

    I have an '08 MS3 and its time to get new tires and I figured might as well upgrade to new rims. I really like the 18" RX-8 wheels and they are 1" wider if anyone has a set they'd like to part with please let me know. I'm in Cleveland, OH. And, if anyone is interested in my set of...