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    SpeedCircuit Parts Rep

    WANTED: SpeedCircuit rep for this site Since we are currently working in several markets, it's hard to be here as often as we would like to. We're interested in bringing someone on to help us promote and sell our parts on this site. If you're interested, please PM me with the following...
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    2.5" silcone couplers

    So got some couplers for sale. $5 each 5 red and 4 blue Blue coupler VS the Mishimoto coupler, very thick. Good for those high boost applications. =)
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    Stuff I need to get rid of.

    First up Rear wheel hub, new/ unused $50 shipped Got more stuff, will post as I find it.
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    2012 Silverstone Challenge

    Went to the Silverstone Challenge last week, it was a blast. A bit expensive (about $1200) but well worth the money. Here are some pics from the day. Rally Stage, Off Road Audi and F1 Pits I was able to talk to the guys at the GT Academy (that Grand Toursimo hosts) Got to snap some...
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    WTB Short Shifter

    Threads broke off my TWM short shifter. Need a replacement ASAP. Thanks! Cres
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    Traction Bars

    Has anyone used these? or think that it would work with the Protege5
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    WTB 2.0 Head (with goodies)

    Need a 2.0 head, Id like it with all the internal parts with it (Cams, Camshafts, valves and all that stuff) Need a good price shipped to 96797. Thanks!
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    SpeedCircuit Turbo Kit

    Kit includes the following: -Genuine Garrett T3 Turbo, 60 trim with .48 A/R -Polished Stainless Steel intake and intercooler piping. Includes convertible CAI/SRI and blow through MAF relocation -AEM Dryflow air filter -2.5" Stainless Steel downpipe with SS flanges and extra O2 bung for a...
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    Wtb MSP lip

    Hey guys im looking for an MSP lip! Hook me up!
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    Locked the keys in the car....

    Hey guys this morning I was taking a nap in my car before work. 10 min till start time I grabbed my stuff, locked the door (from the inside as I always do) and closed the door. Only to realize that the key was still in the ignition. (Car off) Back story My alarm doesnt work, and the spare key...
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    OFFICAL "what you got for Xmas (2011)" thread.

    Post up what you got this year! (it's still 11:20pm in Hawaii, so hopefully there will be some pics and posts when I wake up) Merry Christmas!
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    Split second V2

    Split Second V2 (with data logging) $260 shipped. Currently installed in the car but will remove tomorrow.
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    GI (2) Adjustable Rear Endlinks

    Hey guys, im looking to do another round of endlinks, this time only the rears. I would need at least 15 people to start. Price is $50 Shipped $55 to CANADA I will not be accepting payments until the 1st GB is complete. GB LIST 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
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    Dress Up Washer Kits GUN METAL, BLACK, BLUE

    3 Complete washer kits for sale. $55shipped' $60 to Canada each comes with all bolts needed. Kit will come with 2 License Plate (with 2 nylon locking nuts) 2 Headlight 6 Fender 11 Valve Cover Paypal is Please add you USERNAME, COLOR and ADDRESS!!! =)
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    GI Steering Wheel Cover Gauge Pod

    Who would be interested in something like this? I would do maybe 5, but no more than 10 of these. $55 for Singles, $85 for Duals GB List 1. FLIPOTTAWA- you know what he wants 2. repthemazdas-DUAL POD 3. JReichle1 Single CENTERED 4. Puertorico - dual 5. turboj1 - DUAL POD 6. i12drivemyMP5...
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    Just got back in, Picked up a used G36C from a friend. Ill post up pics later if there is interest in the thread. I didnt want to bump the other threads (back in 2010 lol)
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    GI Adjustable Rear Endlinks

    GB IS CLOSED. but you can add your name so that you can get one the second gb, I will start another GB once this one has been paid for and all items shipped. UPDATE 12/7/11 Parts are ordered and should be on their way to me. =) Hey guys, im looking to do another round of endlinks, this time...
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    SpeedCircuit Black Friday Sale! Check it out PM me if you are interested in anything! Thursday and Friday only! -Cres
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    CX-5 Preview at LA Autoshow
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    Rear Endlink length

    Hey does anyone know the rear endlink lengths? bolt center to bolt center? Thanks!