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    Need new clutch hose for my MSP

    Its the same trans case so no prob.You can also upgrade to a stainless steel clutch line for not to much more and get better pedal feel. Look up Techna-Fit MACL-013,Amaz... has them listed for $25.Description says '01-'02 but its for the '03 MSP also,i have one on.
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    FS: Leftover MP3/MSP parts - ALL FREE!

    sent you a text about the Zoom Zoom plate holder
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    Need help looking for new or used exhaust mani thats my Steedspeed but the Pope is much more readily available via that link yamadafawka has i do have a few Pope parts like the SMIC,Down Pipe,Pope short ram intake,car came with the Steedspeed so i didnt need to upgrade that part
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Worth a shot on the pillars but the rubber on mine is aged,cracked,and chewed up. Fortunately the rubber trim parts are still available and fairly inexpensive.I'm planning on taking care of that before i try and do any tinting.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Glad you got that info. I wish my windows still looked that good,weather and sun has faded the pillars and rubber has a few cracks now.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    That looks like something i had to buy recently. Its engine Mount 1 close to the firewall and attaches to the manual trans from its side? If so,i have the receipt and diagram with the parts number,just have to dig it out. Give me a day or two since its a holiday weekend to get back to you
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    Mazda Protege5 PART OUTS

    good seller though and maybe you guys can work it out
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    Mazda Protege5 PART OUTS

    You could call Greyhound but do you you want a hood shoved in a bus stuffed w/ luggage to Vegas? I use to watch this tv show called Shipping Wars and they used uShip,com to see what was on their routes for easy pickups and delivery I'd suspect it would be easier to find a clean protege hood in...
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    Need help finding fog light covers (grill)

    Check in the Marketplace part of forum further down: Protege, P5, MSP & MP3 For Sale He has 2 active posts,i just bought a pair of fog lights in the last couple weeks from him,good seller He tends to have or will try to get our MSP/P5 parts
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    Need help finding fog light covers (grill)

    Try asking Jperera(forum member),he has lots of parts for sale.Here is his last parts for sale post:!!! send him a PM,i think he does still have some fog deletes
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    Need help with engine mounting studs

    Hi,i was hoping someone could help me out. I need a couple M10 x 1.0 studs that go from the transmission to engine mount 4.On the drivers side of the car under the intake area. I tried the local dealership and they say that stud is unavailable or not serviceable. Was really hoping somebody has...
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    WRX seats, How to

    Thanks,looks much easier than what i was thinking it would be like.
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    WRX seats, How to

    I've been planing to do this too.Got the same 02-03 WRX seats and wondered did you just bend the last inch or two to get the angle correct? Looks like the side bars would make that kinda difficult with out bulging. Also do you have an after picture of the 2 front mounts of the WRX seats with the...
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    WTB front strut tower bar

    Need an oem or aftermarket front strut tower bar for gen 3 Protege
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    MASSIVE LIQUIDATION SALE. Lots of goodies!! Turbo Kits, Body Kits, Engines, Trans!

    Looking for a front strut tower bar if you have one for a gen 3.
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    Protege5/Protege/Mazdaspeed Parts

    Do you still have the oem Strut bar?
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    3D Prints!

    Center caps for wheels? Saw some the other day that had a carbon fiber look to them that said MAZDASPEED.