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    2009 Mazda5 Leaking Oil Cooler

    Noticed some steadily increasing oil drips in the garage from my 2009 Mazda5 2.3. This car has 180K miles and the spin-on style filter if that makes any difference. A quick peek underneath shows lots of oil around what looks like where the oil filter adapter bolts to the block. All my...
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    Can I swap leather seats from GT into a Sport

    Hello. Manual 5's are rare around here so when I bought mine a year ago the 2009 auto GT was the best I could find. I'm entertaining the idea of getting a 2009 with manual now and selling my automatic GT but there are some things I'll miss. Is there anything preventing me from swapping the...
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    Problem with ignition switch

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can give advice or a link on how to access and replace the ignition switch. Car is 2009 Mazda5 GT ~150K miles Having an intermittent problem where about once a week I'll take the key out but the car thinks it's still in the ignition. It's an easy fix to just stick...