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    FS: Tein S-tech springs.

    LINK on mazdas247
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Hi all, These have been down in my basement and I'm ready to get rid of them. They were on my 2002 P5 for about 10k miles. I was in the desert the whole time. No rust though a bit dirty and the box is beaten up. These worked out well for me when I was doing autocross and looked sharp but since...
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    WTB: 02 P5 Front swaybar endlinks

    Hi looking for stock swaybar front endlinks for when I swap back to my summer springs. Thanks for the help!
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    WTB: Rims for my P5 for winter setup.

    Hiya. I need a set of rims to put snow tires on for my P5. I don't care what they look like as long as they balance. The cheaper the better. I live in Maine now I still need to update my profile. Thanks
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    I'ma Movin' to Maine.

    Hey Guys..I am moving to Bangor ME. Will my P5 pass inspection? I have the usual N/A mods intake and header. Thanks for your help. it passes here in New Mexico but all they do is plug it into a computer.
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    WTB: CAI pipe for P5

    Just the pipe is fine and it doesn't have to look pretty. Couplings and mounting brackets a plus but not a deal breaker. Lemme know thanks!
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    Kicker 12 Subs and Punch AMP NIB!

    Kicker 12 Subs and Punch AMP NIB SOLD!!!!! Sold!
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    WTB: Got a Stock P5 axleback laying around??

    WTB: Got a Stock P5 axleback laying around?? *DONE* DONE DEAL THANKS!!! I have a long commute right now and the drone is killing me as well as my passengers. I need a stock P5axleback so I can just switch back when needed. As long as it isn't rusted. Shipping is going to suck but let me know...
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    WTB: P5 Roof Rack Inserts

    The plastic pieces that you put on the roof rack rails after you remove the cross pieces. Shipped to 87108. Thanks!
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    What do you guys think of Hydrogen Fuel???

    With new hydrogen fuel kits going on the market I was looking into them for the 3. After a couple of friends got together and made homemade kits for their ricer hondas with absolutely surpising results, (though it looked pretty dangerous to me) I feel like its worth it. The new kits I have...
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    WTB: Cruise control Solenoid Protege 2.0

    I need the cruise control Solenoid. Goin on a 2002 MP5 The diaphram on mine is torn and it will not hold vacum. Shipped to 87108
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    CoBB SF Intakes In Stock :)

    CoBB SF Intakes Sold Out :) Sold OUT!
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    Cobb Sf Intakes In Stock :p

    Cobb Sf Intakes SOLD OUT :p SOLD OUT! Ok We got a shipment of 10 COBB SF intakes. Same as last time. They are gone in about 2 days. Same or next day shipping. When it gets down to 1-2 left there always seems to be an extra order that gets put in. If this happens I am very sorry I will...
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    Items in Stock

    As always thanks for all the business! We are still waiting for our Cobb SF intake shippment to come in I'll post as soon as it does. We do have many of the Turboxs items in stock now and do our best to keep the site updated with how many we have in stock. If it is in stock we ship same or...
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    COBB SF intakes/Suspension in stock.

    We now have all the MS3 Cobb products in stock. Same or next day shipping. -Cobb AP: 29 in stock (Yes!) -OUT OF STOCK Cobb SF intakes -Springs: 2 sets in stock -Spring/swaybar kits: 2 sets in stock Link to the goodies.
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    WTB: P5 CAI (just the pipe ok)

    Like the title says. If you have the full setup cool. Otherwise I have plenty of filters so if you have a P5 CAI pipe laying around let me know what you want for it with shipping to 87108.
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    Tein blowout Sale!

    Just got Miata prices listed. Tein is increasing their prices starting 5/1/2008 so we decided to have a sale. We are talking 40-46% off MSRP check it out! LINK PM me or post your zip in the thread for shipping quote.
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    Turboxs RP and DP Combo in stock

    Hey all. I have two sets of Turboxs Race pipe and Down pipe with all instructions and hardware. I can ship same or next day depending on time of order. Price includes domestic shipping. Racepipe and Downpipe together only. After these are sold it is back on the backorder wagon for me on this...
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    GB Tein S Tech

    Here is the LINK
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    Tein S Tech GB

    I have just gotten approval to add protege to this GB. LINK