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    Does anyone know the awg size for these battery terminal wires?

    The terminals are kinda funky and I want to replace them with these: Fastronix Military Spec Battery... But, I think the copper lugs that came in the package are a bit too big for the smaller wires.
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    Size of the battery cables?

    Hey yall, I'm thinking about replacing the battery terminals but I'm not sure what's the awg?
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    WTB: Protege5 solid motor mounts

    I'm looking for the front, passenger, and transmission mount.
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    Switching out the caliper guide pin on the protege5?

    I'm not comfy in using that allen bolt and would like to use a hex bolt instead. Does anyone know where i can get some hex bolts?
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    what is this bushing? i want to replace mine with an aftermarket bushing but i can't seem to find the name of this bushing or part. is this that part?
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    Help me find a fuse that's always live.

    I'm looking for a 12v fuse that's live at all times. So far i found the 2 30amp fuses for the power window(# 12), and door lock(#11) (fuse box that's near the clutch). Are there any other fuses that's +12v? I'm trying to install a dash cam so it can run 24/7. I currently have the dash...
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    2006 2.3 mazda 3 s ?

    My car took a crap and this is one of the cars I'm looking at It's a 2.3 M/T mazda3 sport. Are these cars usually reliable? Any common problems i should know about? I did a search, but meh. I didnt find much.
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    WTB protege5 in SoCal.

    K. I'm looking to buy a p5. Hit me up if you want to sell yours. I prefer on that's not too modified. Stock would be ideal for me. Thanks.
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    SoCal mazda specialist shops?

    Hi, is there a reputable mazda repair shop anyone knows about in SoCal? I'm looking at P5 to buy, but the clutch might need to be replaced.