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    2016-2019 Mazda CX-9 Corksport Boost tube

    I have a recent boost tube that I bought from corksport approx 6 months ago but I decided to go back to stock, not for my taste. Comes with new black clamp rings. Email me at 50$ without shipping / 70$ shipped or can be picked up around Pasadena California area.
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    2016-2019 Mazda CX-9 18” oem wheels

    I have a set of the 18” oem wheels for sale but no shipping at the moment. It does need new tires tho but rims are in good condition. I’m using it at my dead-lift and squat with 2 tires. Lol. 400$ obo picked up Pasadena area.
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    KATZKIN leather Mahogany

    hey guys, i decided that i need leather seats because my sport version of the car did not come with it, i was hesistant at first due to the fact that i did not want to fork 1200 on it. But OH MY, worth every little penny, this shop re-done the arm rest for all the doors due to the fact the...
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    Cx-9 door rocker moulding removal help

    2016 mazda cx-9: I ordered my chrome pieces for the door moulding, can someone direct me or send me help on how to remove the door mouldings? (the black plastic part under the door). thank you for your help in advance.
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    Grill Inserts and roof rails

    Wassup guys, heres an update on my sport cx-9, the grill inserts i thought looks better than my stock black plastic grill, it was like 60 bucks online and its just chrome inserts with double sided tape, i say, im like the grill more than the oem chrome grill, i didn't wanna spend 400$+ on a new...
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    Cx-9 exhaust tips

    Hey guys, I took the liberty of order the exhaust tips and been reading on the forums and I liked the way it look so here is a picture of how it looks. It was just a pain in the a$$ to align it over the old one, I place the screw just at the end of the old exhaust..
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    2016 mazda cx 9 frameless auto dimming with homelink

    wassup guys, i took the liberty of getting the frameless auto mirror that came with homelink, i went with the instructions of installing it myself instead of going outside. the first time doing, hardest part was removing the tehtering clip that is attached to the A-pillar trim but i understood...
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    New member here 07/01/2018

    Good morning guys! I'm a new member here, i've been driving acura and lexus for the past 10 years and last night i bought my first mazda, 2016 mazda cx-9 sport white and the way the car drive is amazing and gas efficient. the cargo room is super spacious. I'm waiting to upgrade parts little by...