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    2017 Mazda6 New Rear Brake Pads and Rotors Questions

    Yes, I did put the brakes into the maintenance mode and yes I did pump the brakes after completing the job and before test driving it. Not sure what you meant by 'bedding" ? Everything works fine its just I am not sure why only the top of the rotor its being worned by the pad for breaking? The...
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    2017 Mazda6 New Rear Brake Pads and Rotors Questions

    Hi everyone. My first post.. So yesterday, I changed the rear brake pads and rotors on my 2017 M6DT and I am not sure if I missed anything?? The RR rotor was shot with a lot of groves in it but the pads were worn evenly?? Same in the RL. I changed them as they were at 90% worn. For rotors I...
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    Strange sound while braking....

    I will next week I have an appointment to do just that. Just not sure if it will be covered under the CPO. From what I just learned here, I can just remove both pads and even them out with a grinder or even replace both rotors and pads myself. I'll see how it goes, if they can do the same gratis...
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    Strange sound while braking....

    Thanks bro
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    Strange sound while braking....

    Not sure my friend, but I've never had this happened to any of me previous cars. I think its the quality of brake parts these days.
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    Strange sound while braking....

    This morning I noticed that the exactly same noise happens when releasing brake pedal very slowly early morning when car is cold:
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    Strange sound while braking....

    Don't recall anything like that. Next week Mazda dealer will take a look at it for me. Mechanic said it may be faulty pads.
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    Strange sound while braking....

    Only 19,800 K. Got it couple of months ago as a CPO.
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    Strange sound while braking....

    2016 CX-5. Strange creaking like sound coming from front of the car while braking. It happens at the very end of braking when car comes to a complete stop. I just came back from the Mazda dealer where one of the mechanics went for a short drive with me and said that this sounds is most likely a...
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