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  1. J

    2.5T CX-5 Piggyback

    87 in the CX-9 and 93 in the CX-5...CX-9 still feels like it pulls harder.
  2. J

    2.5T CX-5 Piggyback

    We have a 19 GT reserve and leased a 21 cx9 GT. The cx9 feels like it pulls harder and revs out longer than the cx5 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. J

    Farewell Mazda!

    When my last CX-5 was up for lease end, I checked out the rdx at the NY auto show. Fell in love with the car but couldn’t get over the touch pad for the infotainment. Had to pass and picked up my 2019 GT Reserve.
  4. J

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Jersey here 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. J

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    The Corksport drop springs and the Godspeed camber arms were previously installed...Today was a set of bilstein b6 shocks. When removing the shocks, it’s easier to drop the control arm and take the spring out. Not sure if you can do it any other way.
  6. J

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    New rear shocks.
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  8. J

    Skyactiv 2.5T boost controller?

    I’m waiting for the burger Motorsport jb4 to be released. Plug and play kit that will up the boost with fuel trim...
  9. J

    Where can I get cheap 20" wheels?

    I was looking into GMR wheels. They’re flow formed. Stronger and lighter than a cast wheel without paying forged pricing. These specific wheels are on sale for under $190 a piece in a 20x9.
  10. J

    Show me your wheels

    Yes. If the tire stretches past the lip of the wheel, the wheel will rub on the curb before tire.
  11. J

    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    My stock wheels?! Can’t wait to swap these boat anchors out! 😂
  12. J

    Mazda3 2.5T JB4 Mazda3 Development

    Want to preorder and just waiting for the restock to get the same price...Patiently waiting. Need to wake this CX-5 GT-Reserve up!
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  14. J

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Ordered some Bilstein b6 shocks for the rear of my lowered gt-r.
  15. J

    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    No camber bolts. All factory components used for the front alignment.
  16. J

    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    Absolutely. Love the way the car rides and how you can throw it into a corner more now. Just waiting to find the right wheel and tire package now.
  17. J

    Corksport has CX5 2017+ lowering springs now

    Thanks! Car still rides great. Going to replace the rear shocks soon. The dust cover is running on the shock body and I want to tighten it up a bit back there. Car was aligned using the Godspeed rear adjustment arms. Left the car in tow spec but cambered at 1degree.
  18. J

    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    the arms give you a lot of room for adjustment. You have to drop the subframe to install them. Easier to just do it when you get the springs installed. I’d say just order and install
  19. J

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Installed my car seat base and seat protector!