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    New Matchbox Model

    Nice, will be getting this.
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    2013 CX-5 power seat parts

    Fixed. Thank you. Update, Found a matching part in ebay last week. Was out of town for business trip : Cost is $12...
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    2013 CX-5 power seat parts

    Hi, My driver side power seat, only moves forward/backward on the right side rail. After some troubleshooting I found the culprit. The connector flexible shaft on the left of the motor snapped. Now the problem is where can I find a replacement? Besides from buying the whole power seat base...
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    How to Change Interior Light bulbs w/pics

    FYI, amazon is having a sale for 10pcs 31mm 12SMD ~
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    what are ways to make CX-5 ride softer?

    This is interesting product, hopefully they make one for the CX-5. Thanks for the links. As for OP, sell the CX-5 is the only way IMHO :)
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    To those with cork sport springs

    Did you change the shock/tires already @87k, or still using stock ? Anyway, here are my shop list so far : - corksport spring, got it already for $87.15 via e-bay. - autoexe tie-rod end, thinking to buy it directly when i travel to tokyo next december. - megan racing CAMBER ARM KIT, currently...
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    To those with cork sport springs

    Hey Chris, i got a second hand corksport spring from e-bay. I will reach 75k miles soon and planning to get the spring and the struts at the same time. Any input on a good struts to combine with the corksport spring ?
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    SunTek vs. 3M (Front end film protection)

    Hi, I got 3M for a good price via local groupon. Good quality in my opinion. Neverheard SunTek before. ~cheers
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    5 Quart Castrol EDGE 0W-20 for under $30

    Well, I have the fumoto valve installed last oil change, so i do not need the drain plug washer. I got the filter from e-bay for $9.74. Plus i am on amazon prime. Still a good deal. Just notice the Med Center Mazda banner is missing from the site.
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    5 Quart Castrol EDGE 0W-20 for under $30

    Hi, Just want to share that Amazon US is selling 5 Quart Castrol EDGE 0W-20 for under $30
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    Show me your wheels

    That is super nice, can you share the part number for the eibach prokit
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    Where do I get bolt/screw driver to remove the seats?

    I am using this >
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    2014 safety awards from IIHS

    Top safety pick + Small SUVs Mazda CX-5 built after October 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Subaru Forester link >
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    Corksport lowering springs interest thread

    Wow, that look's nice. Any info if it AWD or FWD ? And can you share the wheel specs please.