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    2010 Mazda5 dome light assembly removal?

    Tried to change interior bulbs to LED myself and got the map and trunk lights done, but pushed the dome receptacle too hard trying to fit the bulb in that *really* tight spot. The receptacle was successfully pulled back down into place but now the switch won’t work properly (bulb stays on no...
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    2010 Mazda5 sliding door wont close flush with the body on the rear of the door...

    Thanks for the thread and your easy fix for the issue. My 2010 Mazda5 driver side passenger door just tonight wouldn't close completely without an old-fashioned hip bump :( It's not been super cold here yet but the van *is* remarkably grimy, just not been motivated to clean the poor thing...
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    Removal of good tether from bad cap to reuse on new gas cap?

    2010 Mazda5 Touring. As title indicates, gas cap needs replacing (intermittent CEL) but the tether looks fine. OEM cap without tether is about $10 cheaper than one with tether, so if I can reuse the current tether I'd prefer that. I do like the tether (I've lost too many gas caps in my day)...
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    Camping with Mazda5?

    Update re: the "door open" light when the hatch is open for tent use - found advice to push a carabiner into the latch on the door and the light will turn off - and it works! You do have to use the door handle to remove the carabiner or the door won't close, and I suppose if safety or need for...
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    The 100K (Mile or Kilometer) Mazda5 Club

    Woohoo, congrats (dance) and thanks for giving me something to look forward to - I <3 love my little van
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    The 100K (Mile or Kilometer) Mazda5 Club

    Update - up to 125k miles now, and only just replaced transmission fluid (shifts more smoothly now, yay!), cabin and engine air filters (cabin was a booger, resorted to my family mechanic to save me on that one), and wiper blades. Drove it 500 miles Saturday for a band competition and took a...
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    Camping with Mazda5?

    Explorer 2 SUV/minivan tent by DAC FedEx just dropped off my new SUV/minivan "tent" - supposed to fit the M5 but it's also universal so it's not gonna fit nice without some modifications - I've shortened the bungee cords considerably for starters, and strong magnets should help seal it a bit...
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    Aftermarket cargo cover for a 2015 Mazda5

    Old question, I know. But for future reference, I have a 2010 M5 and got a retractable tonneau/cargo cover from eBay for about $70 shipped. The OEM tonneau is listed on eBay as fitment for 2006-2015, and if that's true then the aftermarket one for the 2010 should, I presume, fit as well -...
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    The 100K (Mile or Kilometer) Mazda5 Club

    Bought my 2010 M5 in 2015 with 61k on it; traded in a 2002 Windstar toward the purchase. It's 109K now and the only things I've had to deal with besides oil change every 5k have been headlight replacement twice (same bulb) and the window swipes replaced on all four windows. Got the windows...